When to Use a Whiteboard Doodle

By on September 20, 2014

Working on a whiteboard doodle is a great way to promote an idea

The doodle whiteboard format provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to different ideas. That’s why it’s becoming popular all over again. Of course, people want to know when it’s appropriate to use it. There are several distinct areas where it’s a good idea to actually use one of these doodles, but creative individuals can often think of a number of different ones as well. There shouldn’t be too many restraints on when it should be used, but certain scenarios might require a little more decorum than a whiteboard has to offer.

When to Use Them

There are a few good places to use whiteboard doodle animation. Those who are looking at whiteboard animated doodle formats should seriously consider them when:

  1. An idea has to be transmitted to a large number of people in a way that’s understandable to them
  2. A product needs to be promoted to a specific client base in the manner of a commercial spot
  3. A service needs to be explained in a manner that can actually illustrate what it does
  4. Audience attention might be low otherwise as a result of content or some of the information being particularly obtuse or uninteresting
  5. Facts and figures might otherwise bore people, or when there are far too many of them to present in a fashion that could still be comprehensible

One of the biggest advantages to using a doodle whiteboard is the fact that it makes people pay attention. There was actually a study that had suggested that people pay attention more to doodles than they do to printed text at a rate of around 800 percent. While it could be hard to quantify this, it seems that the study was conducted by examining people’s comprehension. Anytime people need to comprehend something that they might not otherwise pay attention to these services are a good idea.

Ordering the Animation

Those who have now decided on whiteboard doodle animation should get in touch with our organization. We have professional writers and artists who are capable of taking care of even the most intricate of animation requests. One of the big benefits of working with us is that regardless of the subject of the animation, this format can produce something that’s totally usable and still save the end user money.

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