Tune in for Photo Slideshow with Music

Create Photo Slideshow with Music

Adding music to a video or a slideshow adds interest and attentiveness from your audience. Choosing the proper music can also set the mood that you want to convey through your photo video. Creating a photo slideshow with music hasn’t been this easy. Before, additional software is needed to play or add music to your videos.

With our program, easily add your choice of music without having to use additional third party programs. It is simply done by clicking add, no fancy coding needed. We have already perfected the program to make sure that you only do it with ease and no confusion. With our program, you can create a slideshow video with music similar to that made by professionals, whatever your level of expertise is.

Customized Slideshow with Music

Our software provides a platform where you can add endless customizations. You may choose to add any number of photos to your slideshow and manually choose the sequence to build up a story or momentum. You may also let the software automatically choose the sequence, providing you with minimal effort in creating the slideshow. Choose from the variety of effects available in our library as well. With our effects, you can add a personal touch and smoother transition to the photos.

Finally, choose from our wide selection of music to fit the mood you want to convey in your video. We have a variety of music that you can choose from that will certainly fit whatever mood you want to exude in your video. For birthdays, weddings and other celebratory events, choose from upbeat, joyous and happy music in our selection. We have thousands of music and sound clips that you can choose from. We similarly have solemn music to fit some of the more serious events in your life. We also have sound clips that will fit your professional photo slideshow with music.

For whatever slideshow with music that you want to make, we have audio to provide to fit your mood.

Photo Slideshow with Your Own Music

For further customization, we provide you with the option of creating a photo slideshow with music using your own audio and sound clips. You can choose to add music of your own liking should we not have it in our library. Doing so is easy. Simply add and we will do the melding for you. Choose music of any length and we can adjust your video length to fit the music. Truly, making a slideshow from your photos has never been this easy.

With us, you will be able to create photo slideshows that is surely comparable to those by professionals!