How to Make Still Photos from Video? We Know It All!

Create Still Photos from Video Easily

In order to capture still photos from video, people usually freeze the frame of the video as they watch it and manually copying and pasting the picture from the screen. The problem in doing so comes in twofold. For one, this method is too much of a hassle. You have an open media player streaming the video and then you have to freeze or pause the video to that instant you want to capture.

You then have to print screen or copy the picture using the built in capacities of your computer or device or you have to use an additional third-party software to facilitate this capture. Lastly, the quality of your picture will be compromised. With the various capturing programs available online, some of them diminish the quality of your images. These problems can be solved however with our still photo capturing program. No need to download additional software. We can provide with automated capturing to provide you with still pictures from your videos.

Automated Capture of Still Photo from Video

Whether you have a video or a montage of photos turned into video, you can easily capture still photo from video automatically. With our program, you are able to fully automate the program enabling you to capture the photos without having to manually do the labor. You may set the times at which the software will automatically capture the photos. You can also set the software to capture still photos from video as the frame changes, allowing you to save all photos from a montage without manually inputting the photos.

The best part of this is that you don’t have to download an external third party software to capture your photos. Our software can easily capture photos from a variety of video formats. Furthermore, with our automated capturing system, your photos are organized systematically. No additional need to exert any extra effort organizing your files manually. With our software you simply upload or add the video and we do the work for you.

High Quality Still Pictures from Your Video

As mentioned earlier, one of the problems of manually capturing photos from your video is the compromised quality of the still photo. With our still photos from video capturing program, you will not suffer this reduction of quality. With your HD videos, we can similarly create a still photo of similar high quality.

No need to worry about the resolution as we have specialized programs enabling you to get high quality pictures from your video captures!