Video Scribing on Your Website

By on September 27, 2014

Video scribing requires the use of certain types of software

Scribe video is a powerful way to communicate, but not everyone knows what it is. These days it’s hard to actually turn on the television and try to avoid seeing at least one advertisement in which a hand is drawing some type of illustration. It’s become something of a trend as a result of recent economic and artistic emphasis. This type of animation saves money as well as time, which is one reason it’s popular on television as well as websites.

What Video Scribing Is

Whiteboard video scribing is an excellent way to communicate an idea. Unlike other methods of doodle animation, video scribing doesn’t take too long. Traditionally to produce a piece of animation someone needed to write a script and take it to voice actors. A staff produced characters and the audio and visual tracks were then combined to produce a finished cartoon. By the time the process was over people were heavily financially invested in the project, and they had also invested a great deal of time into it. There’s an old saying that suggests that time and money are two sides of the same coin.

That’s why scribe video is often used instead. Only only a few people handle much of the work, and the image of a hand being drawn across the screen is used as the primary illustration technique. This helps to not only cut down on the actual expense incurred as a result of doing the work, but also helps to reduce the amount of time it takes. Missing out on good timing when it comes to promoting something is a big problem in the end.

Getting Scribing Done

Whiteboard doodle video scribing can always be handled by our professional organization, and it’s a great addition to any site. Websites that currently simply have a great deal of text explaining some sort of product or service have a great opportunity to embed content on them from our organization. We’ll do the work professionally and get it back on time so that no messy timing problems arise as the result of the work. Best of all the animation is the property of the individuals who ordered it, meaning that it can be uploaded to a social video site. This makes ultimately embedding it onto a site a good deal easier than it might otherwise have been.

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