The Process of App Video Production

App Video Production in 5 Easy Steps

Working with our team on app promo video is really easy – there are 5 key steps in the process:

make app video production quote requestPlacing a Quote Request – the first step is placing a quote request on our website. Please use our form in sidebar and provide as many comments as possible. Once our support team receives a quote request, it will be carefully reviewed and estimated by our team. Usually our Support Representative also sends additional questions to the client regarding the project.

app demo production estimate onlineReceiving the Estimate – once we gather all instructions from the client, we are able to tell precise price and provide the customer with direct payment links. The price depends on the length of the video, whether voice over, script and custom graphics are needed, and how soon the video should be delivered. We also ask us to provide with the app screenshots at this stage.

secure app video production paymentCompleting Secure Payment – if the client is happy with the estimate, he proceeds with secure payment using one of the payment links provided by our Support Representative, and the work on app video production begins. Once our Company receives the payment, we also notify the client via email about successful project start.

best mobile app video production reviewReviewing the Video – ahead of the agreed deadline, we will send complete video to the client for review. It will be done according to all instructions received at the beginning. All comments and suggestions from the client are welcome at this stage. We do strive to make every client satisfied, so our team will promptly proceed with all corrections.

final app video demo deliveryFinal Video Delivery – when all revisions are done, the client is provided with the final video. It may be in mp3 or wav format, as specified initially by the client. App demo video won’t include any watermarks and could be used for further promotion as it is. Our Company is also happy to proceed with the video marketing, if it’s requested by the client.

Video Production Tips from the Experts

  • Try not to make your video too long. Usually less than five minutes should be the ideal as too long will probably just bore your viewers and give up watching after a while.
  • Put in only the essential points into your video. Put only the most important parts of your company into your video proper. Don’t include too much as that may make the video too long and making it short also tantalizes your readers.
  • Engage and appeal to read more. Tantalize your readers with what else they can find, should they decide to take on what you’ve just put together. Include statements of how they’ll find more should they decide to look into your site and what not.

App Video Production Made Easy

So get into app video production and make the best of all your works in the long run. Learn some app demo video production to see how good your work can be. So don’t miss the chance of making the best of your work with a mobile app demo video production.

Contact us today for a custom quote for your mobile app video production!