Step-by-Step Guide to a Great Explainer Video Script

By on February 2, 2015

Once upon a time, script writers were considered unfit to even tie the director’s shoe laces. That’s how lowly Hollywood thought of writers.

They were just hired hands, there to do a job. They were there just to get a film going before their script was sold and they were told to go back to their dingy flat, or wherever it was they had crawled out from. They weren’t needed anymore. Their work was done and now that their script was out of their hands, they probably wouldn’t even get credited for all their hard work.

Hollywood script writers back in the 1950’s were not recognised people. They were just labourers, people you needed just like you needed a cleaner. You hired them because you didn’t have the time to write a story. Not because you couldn’t write a story.

Nowadays, things are different. Writers are of fundamental importance. They’re respected because people recognise what a great job they do. We now love writers.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because writing a good explainer video script is fundamental. You need to value the importance of the script rather than focus on the video.

The reason companies fail to improve their conversion rate despite creating a business explainer video is down to a bad script. Shooting a video is one thing, but if the foundation is all wrong, you’re in trouble. Knowing how to write an explainer video script means knowing how to identify with your audience. Knowing how to come up with the right script for explainer video means knowing how to convey a message about your business in simple, coherent language that is easily understood by your consumers.

So let’s take a look at how to create that award-winning explainer video script! (They don’t hand out awards for explainer video scripts – ed).

How to Write an Explainer Video Script:

First, create your own script. Explainer video scripts can go disastrously wrong if you hire a firm to create it for you. They don’t know your company as intimately as you do. You know what you need to improve conversion. You know the problems suffered by your company.

It’s okay to hire a firm to produce the actual video, but the script should be in your hands. Naturally, you can ask for help, but make sure that you retain creative control. Think of yourself as the producer. Otherwise, you risk starting from a very bad place – a misplaced script that veers away from the actual points you need to make.

I can’t stress this enough: your script is your foundation. If the foundation is all wrong, your conversion rate will probably diminish more than anything else.

Know What Your Customers Want

Most explainer video scripts are all about showing a problem that customers are experiencing, and demonstrating how the business in question will solve that problem. Therefore, your script for explainer video needs to know the problems your customers are experiencing.

You find out their problems via the means of a survey.

But don’t stop there; to make sure that your explainer video script hits the spot and boosts conversions, you need to conduct more market research via your survey. Find out what concerns your customers have, and even what they’d like to see on your page. Get to know them. Then you can cater your script towards them because you have identified a target audience.

Structure Your Script

All your favourite movies have structure. They have a beginning, a middle and an end.

You can break it down even further. Each of those individual segments has a beginning, a middle and end.

Structure is vital for an explainer video script because you’ve literally got less than 2 minutes to hook your audience and keep their attention. Internet folk have an attention span of 8 seconds. So your script had better be well structured so that it’s as devastatingly potent as it can be.

Start with a bang. Your script for explainer video has to begin either with a question or an introduction of what your business does, and the service it provides. Remember, this can be visual based, text-based or voice-based. Be clear, be concise, but hook your audience in. Let them know it’s for them. You can do this via your text and your visuals. Make sure it’s something they can relate to, otherwise they’ll switch off after just a second or two.

Now that you’ve hooked your customer, you can explain the problem. Maybe your business helps get a company’s website to the top of search rankings. So you can show here how people are having trouble finding their website amidst all the other thousands of websites on Google. Show them what a headache their problem is. Show them something they’ve experienced.

Referring back to the answers in your survey, you can use this part of your explainer video script to elaborate a little on some of the specific problems your customers are experiencing. Keep it brief, keep it simple. If possible, keep it visual. Because you’re expounding on problems your customers are experiencing, you can here remind us all why you’ve created your service.

Because your video is visual (all videos are visual even if you choose to pack in text and voiceover), you can display your features. Make them eye-catching. If you’re app-based service, show screenshots from your app. Let people get a feel for your product or service. People are drawn in by visuals – make the most of them.

Finally, your script should end with a flourish – a call to action. Knowing how to write a product explainer video is all about knowing how to boost your conversions. Your call to action is imperative. Here you can tell people to sign up for your service, as well as how the can do it. To boost conversions even more, it might be useful to offer a free trial here. You need to make people understand how easy it is to use your product or service. Don’t make it sound daunting – make it sound simple.

Keep Things Simple

Essentially, the crux of the matter is just that – simplicity is highly rewarding in the world of explainer video scripts. If you stick to a simple but highly effective structure whilst always bearing in mind your target audience, you will go some way to creating a highly effective explainer video script.

The main thing is to keep out the clutter. Remember, you have less than 2 minutes here. It’s okay to tell a story, as some script for explainer video’s do, but no subplots etc. They’re banned. Stay on track. Convey information at all times, and convey it in a language – visual or otherwise – that your target audience will understand.

Learn how to write an explainer video script with us and create a masterpiece today!

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