Simple Ways to Add Video to Website

By on August 30, 2014

It’s Not Hard at All to Add Video to Website

Those who want to embed video on website resources can generally just copy the embed code, assuming they’re already authoring the HTML code alone. Make sure to have access to the coding process, however. It might not be possible to easily copy embed code if the system one is working with is a purely graphical user interface. Nevertheless, there are sometimes ways of doing this with that type of software.

Working with Embed Code

Those who need to know how to put a video on a website that’s been uploaded to Youtube will want to work with these following instructions:

  1. Either right click on the flash object that’s playing on Youtube or click on share under the video and select embed.
  2. If the right click method was used, select copy the embed code. Otherwise there should be a text box from which to copy code away.
  3. Reposition the mouse cursor inside of the HTML area that needed to be adjusted.
  4. Paste the code in.
  5. Test the HTML to ensure that it was correctly embedded.

Those who are adding video to website areas uploaded to sites beside Youtube need to:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the playing video.
  2. Click on either the add video to website or embed buttons.
  3. Select the code that is offered by the flash objected.
  4. Copy it.
  5. Paste it into the HTML document in question.
  6. Test it in the browser to make sure it works.

Working on Some Videos

Those who want to embed video on website resources need to keep two pointers in mind. First, those who need to really know how to put a video for website should always pay close attention to the size that the code is set at. Different videos run in different sizes from one another, but Youtube if nothing else tries to suggest a size beforehand. Some people don’t like others adding video to website  beside their own, so they’ll disable embedding the content.

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