Photo to Video Software: All that You Wanted to Know

How much do I have to pay for your photo video software?

We give reasonable prices for our photo video software. For personal use, our software can be accessed for free. For professional and corporate use, we provide you with different packages you can choose from, which you can avail using flexible payment terms, giving you both security and convenience.

How do I use your software?

We take pride in providing you with software that has one of the most functional user interface. Simply upload or add your pictures and we automatically create a video from it. You can then choose the sequence of the pictures or choose to shuffle them. You may add effects or music, whatever fits your liking. Our software is one of the easiest to use. You will surely enjoy making your own photo videos with us.

How do I add music using your photo to video software?

Our photo to video software gives you a selection of thousands of music you can choose from to add to your video. You may choose one that will fit the mood of your video by checking our library out. If you cannot find one that fits the theme of your video, you can choose to add music of your liking by uploading or adding music from your own library. You may choose music of any length to fit the video that you are making.

What features can I find in your video making software?

Our photo video software provides you with almost endless functionalities. The best feature of our software is that it allows for customizations. You may choose to add any number of pictures to your videos. Choose from a number of effects as well to enhance your video. You may choose to add music or sound effects as well. Choose from our library or add your own and enjoy the personalization of making your own video from your photos.

How to capture photo from video using your software?

So you have already made a video but you want to know how to capture photo from video. We offer a special function that allows for you to do this using our photo video software. Simply click on this capture function and you will easily be able to capture your photo without having to use additional software or third party agent.

Should you have any questions not answered in this FAQ list, you may contact us and a friendly customer service provider will give you assistance as quickly as possible.