Online Photo Video Maker: Behind the Scenes

Upload Your Pictures to Our Online Photo Video Maker

To create your slideshow with our online photo video maker, simply upload the pictures that you want included in your slideshow. You can choose the sequence with which you want to present the pictures or you can let us do the work. We can automate the sequencing by chronology, file name or by random order. Choose whatever option while at the same time being ensured of consistent high-quality output.

Add Effects to Your Photo Video Slideshow

After uploading and having a basic photo video slideshow, you can choose to add effects using our photo video online maker. With effects, you can get smoother transitions between the images, allowing for a more cohesive slideshow presentation. Furthermore, you can get more personalized effects as you add transitions. Similarly, you can choose to let us add the effects ourselves randomly while at the same time ensuring that you still get professionally-comparable output.

Adding Music to Your Photo Video Online

With our online photo video maker, you can choose to add your own music or choose from our selected sound clips to coincide with the effects in your presentation. Our online maker provides you with a select choice of sound clips from which you can choose from to use in your video. With music, you will be able to enhance the mood that you want to convey in the video. Choose upbeat sound clips to further give a joyous mood to your celebratory slideshows or choose more solemn sound clips for more serious occasions.

Save the Online Photo Video

After you make photo video online with us, you have the option of saving a copy of the video to your own computer. We provide with various file formats from which you can save your video. These file formats are compatible with most media players available at the moment, allowing for you to share with your friends or relatives during your special events. With your own copy, you can present these slideshows at any time, sharing with your friends the special memories that you have immortalized in the video slideshow.

Share after You Make Photo Video Online

After using our online photo video maker, we also provide you with the option to automatically share it through various social media platforms and video uploading services such as YouTube. With this convenience, you can easily share your video with your friends who are far away.

Creating and sharing video slideshows has never been this easy. Use our online video maker to see the benefits for yourself!