Minimalism in Drafting App Video Effects Inspired by Cloud Data App Demo

By on January 22, 2015

Product in the App Video Demo app from aaajiao on Vimeo. This promotional video is for cloud data app for Iphone and Ipad

Description of the Cloud App Video Demo

In this cloud app video, effects such as graphics and animation weren’t used. As the video begins the viewer sees an object suspended by wires in a room. As the camera brings the watcher closer it can be determined that the object is a tablet with what appears to be a cloud displayed on the screen. Perspective shifts and we are viewing the tablet close up from the perspective of the user. A faint reflection of the user can be seen as well as a clear view of their arm and hand. The hand begins to manipulate the image of the cloud displayed on the tablets screen. The clouds shape is altered, and is expanded in size, and then divided and reformed again as the video ends. The entire video is done in black and white. Soothing piano music plays throughout the video. There is no dialog or text at any point.

Great Results by Keeping Promo App Video Effects Minimal

This app demo video is effective without using any of the special app video effects that have become common in video promos. Rather it acts on the viewers imagination, and has some very positive attributes such as:

  • Effective use of music sound track. The piano music that played the entire video conveyed a n emotion that evokes thoughts of wonder and discovery and set a good tone for the video.
  • Symbolism used was effective. The tablet suspended in the room hung much as a cloud may appear to hang in the sky. Then there is a cloud on the screen and as the user begins to manipulate the cloud, cloud data handling immediately comes to mind. With further manipulation the cloud begins to resemble a view of the galaxy as much as a cloud. Cloud data expands our world.
  • Black and white video helped to prevent distractions as well as contributing to the sense of wonder in the video

This demo uses the viewer’s imagination in the app video. Effects are replaced by the particular interpretation a viewer’s make as they are guided as the producer intended. Watchers are drawn into watching as it is almost hypnotizing. Instead of focusing on the apps particular features and technical information, the viewer feels a sense of potential and of doors to some secret being opened.

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