Make Funny Animation Video App with App Promotion Video as Pou Got One

By on January 8, 2015

Product Advertised in the App Promotion Video

This video advertises an app for the virtual alien pet, Pou. Viewers should have no problem in determining what the app is or what the features are.

Description of the App Promotion Video

This is an app demo that is done it the form of an animation video. Animation video app purpose and features are presented in a very basic and straight forward manner. The entire video is done with a striped multicolored background. Pou, the alien virtual pet is introduced in the beginning with a simple “This is Pou. Your very own alien pet” written underneath an image of Pou. The next view is of the screen split into four parts, with each having an animated Pou performing regular activities like eating, bathing and sleeping, with the instruction “Take care of Pou” in the center. The rest of the video is different images of a tablet/smart phone with Pou engaging in a variety of activities on the screen. The activity is described in writing next to the image and uses basic language such as “Dress up Pou” and “Play with Pou.” The video concludes with an image of Pou under which is written “Pou, your favorite virtual pet.” A peppy upbeat tune plays throughout the video.

Analyzing the Pou App Promotion Video

The Pou app promotion video doesn’t really stand out in any particular fashion. However it does get the job done in a basic, workman like way that will work for the target market. Areas that work well include:

  • Background and simple animation give a cartoon like feel that will appeal to the target age group. This appears to be kids up to early teens, or maybe as the segment of population that is young enough to giggle when they view a brown lumpish figure named Pou.
  • Word play. The description of activities with Pou such as “Play with Pou”and “Pou outside” are just naughty enough to tickle the juvenile funny bone, but not so offensive as to anger too many parents.
  • Simple graphics will convey the message to younger kids. Young kids today know apps and games. The animated video, although very basic is quite enough for many younger kids to pick up on what the app does because of similar games and apps, even without reading text portions of the video.

There isn’t anything really negative about the app presentation video. Some might knock it for lack of originality or not being very creative, but it doesn’t need to be. A small segment may criticize the word play. This is a calculated risk that isn’t really a risk at all. Stacked against games that include drug dealing and gruesome murders, “Play with Pou” is pretty harmless and works for the intended target market.

Check out this Pou animation video app review and decide what it can teach you today!