Look How to Make Creative App Promotional Video for Interior as 3D Interior Design App as VRay Post Production

By on January 29, 2015

Product in the App Promotional Video

VRay Post Production – Video Training Android App from VRayART on Vimeo. The app in the video is the VRay post production video training android app. It provides information and training on different issues and techniques in video post production.

Description of the App Promotional Video

At 41 seconds the VRay app promotional video is not particularly long. The video has a lively music soundtrack. The video begins by introducing the app. An image of a smart phone with the words “video training “appears. Right next to the phone is an animated figure. A balloon representing speech, similar to those used in comic books, is shown coming from the animated figure and contains the words “3D Pro”. A sample of the type of things you can do with the training is shown briefly with some 3D interior design shots of a project in progress displayed on the screen of the smart phone image. 3d interior design app features are covered in a series of images. The video concludes with the smart phone and animated figure reappearing and a balloon containing the words “Get it today” coming from the animated figure.

Analysis of the VRay App Video Showing 3D Interior Design App Capabilities as Example

The app demo video was brief and to the point in its presentation and has several points that count as a positive:

  • Lively music soundtrack that suits the pace of the video
  • There is a clear introduction of the VRay app made right at the beginning of the video and viewers will know what is being advertised.
  • Use of the smart phone image to show capabilities such as 3D interior design, app can instruct and train in as well as a list of the app’s features
  • Strong call to action at the end of the video

The VRay post-production app is fairly fast paced and likely to catch the interest of viewers interested in post production video processes. There are a few things that this  app demo video  could have done a little bit better:

  • There is a possibility that some viewers may be a little confused. The app itself is the VRay post production video training app. Photoshop and 3Ds Max are also shown. A viewer may infer that VRay video training involves the use of these programs but be unsure.
  • There could be more enlightenment as to what the training entails. Twenty video tutorials and a step by step guide are included as features. Some may be curious what post production processes the tutorials and guide cover

Both negatives may result from the app being intended for those more experienced working with video. If that is the case then nothing is really lost. It inexperienced users are also part of the intended target market, more clarification is needed.

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