List of 30 Directories to Submit Your New App To

By on July 26, 2016

Use App Directories to Be Seen

One way to increase the expose your new app video demo gets is by making use of a mobile app directory. Good directories attract those interested in the type of product you have to offer. You can get seen by others in the industry as well as those who are potential users of your app. There are plenty of directories out there both free and premium. You want to ensure that your app is posted in a directory that provides good exposure for your product.

Finding the Right Mobile Business Directory

The whole point of using a directory is to get the word out about your app. The more exposure you get to potential users the better it is for you. Here is a list of 30 sites where you can post your app and get people interested and talking about it:

app directoriesA1 Web Directory: An out and out web directory, it requires the basic information about your startup and not much else. Sites under construction or those with too many ads are not accepted. Free


app directoriesAlternativeTo: Another directory with a reputation for driving traffic, AlternativeTo allows you to list your startup and app as an alternative to competitors. Free


app directoriesAppAppeal: AppAppeal reviews the best new business apps. It is a place for software and mobile app startups to gain visibility for their latest developments and product launches. Free


app directoriesAPPS400: Site that reviews apps. Free and Premium



app directoriesAppStorm: AppStorm provides reviews of business applications, focusing on: Mac apps, Windows apps, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Android apps and Web apps. AppStorm focuses on native OS and mobile ecosystems. Free reviews, paid listings


app directoriesAppvita: Resource to locate web applications and share with the world. Free



app directoriesBetaList: Only for startups that haven’t launched yet. Free to get listed with a premium option. The main feature of the site is feedback from a community of 25000 early adopters. It is known to have a good conversion rate.


app directoriesBeta Page: For mobile apps and gaming startups. The application must be in the beta phase. There is also a review process startups must undergo. Once accepted, founders can get access to a community of early adopters who provide them with feedback. Free


app directoriesBreakpoint: A directory focused on providing feedback on startups and side projects, Breakpoint has a simple sign up process. It can be a good place to list if your idea is in its very early stages. Free.


app directoriesCapterra: Directory focused on software startups. Companies can list their software products for free with a premium option. Once approved, Capterra matches their software solutions with companies that require them.


mobile app directoryF6S: Another website aimed at startup enthusiasts and tech junkies. Submitted sites are published on approval. Free and premium


mobile app directoryFeedMyApp: Paid directory for apps. Rates are $1.90, $9.00 and $49.00 depending on the level of service.


mobile app directoryG2 Crowd: Another player in the software space, the website is a marketplace to help businesses find the perfect software. They have a good number of categories, and also software reviews. Free


mobile app directoryGet App: A business apps marketplace where apps are reviewed by users as well the site’s editorial staff. Free and paid listings


mobile app directoryInside Startups: Offers free and premium plans. Premium plans offer more exposure to your team and work.


mobile app directoryKiller startups: 125,000 unique monthly views and 88000 startups reviewed since 2007. Killer Startups is a part of the same family sites as Launch Rock. Free and premium


mobile app directoryLaunch Rock: Site has a good number of users to its credit. Free and premium



mobile app directoryLaunching Next: Lists promising startups each day with over 5000 published. Submission is free but getting published is not guaranteed. With the number of followers it has, this is a good site to list with.


mobile business directoryLaunchList: A site where startups can get themselves reviewed for a fee. Other avenues of promotion include spotlights, newsletters, and advertisements. The site is kept well-updated and also offers guides and resources for startups.


mobile business directoryListhunt: A well-organized site for tech types and startup enthusiasts. Submitted startups are published on approval. Free


mobile business directoryNewborn startup: A place for showcasing your startup and product to readers. You can also add special offers and discount codes. Free


mobile business directoryNew Startups: A peer review platform that provides feedback to startups. Startups can be submitted for free, but will only be published on approval. Free and low-cost express review options available


mobile business directoryPlanBmatters: The website publishes stories of startups. As much updated info as possible should be provided and publication is not guaranteed. Not a conventional directory but can be a good source of traffic. Free


mobile business directoryProduct Hunt: A well-known platform for product enthusiasts wanting to look into the latest hardware, mobile apps, and websites. Being featured depends on how well the community likes your product. Free


mobile business directoryStartup Beat: Allows startups to submit pitches that are featured once accepted. It has an active and up to date pitch page. Free


mobile business directoryStartup Buffer: This is a premium startup directory with a huge and active following on social media. Startups can test their ideas and get more users with promotional opportunities offered for a fee.


mobile business directoryStartuptabs: Startuptabs is a community for discovering new startups. It can be a good source of traffic as well as users. Free and premium


mobile app directoryThe Startup Pitch: Submit your startup pitch for free and be sure to fill all details to avoid rejection. They also have a separate page for beta submissions. Startups can advertise on the home page for a fee.


mobile app directoryTopEcommerceStartups: The site does not only feature startups but also top websites, and a host of resources for entrepreneurs. They also interview founders and publish their startup stories. Free


mobile app promotionWibble Waggle: A community of users who like to be the first to know about latest products and services. Startups highlight their USPs and gain an early set of users and traction. Free


Some of these sites specialize in apps while others focus on new products of all types including mobile applications. Being seen and reviewed in app directories with a good reputation will go a long way in furthering your marketing efforts.

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