List of 23 Best Explainer Videos Ever Created

By on January 12, 2015

We’ve all seen plenty of ‘Best Ever ….!’ lists haven’t we? Whether it’s a list of the best ever Christmas songs or a list of the best ever grandmothers (seriously, we saw this list once), there is a best ever list for anything and everything.

But how about a best ever list of something that is actually useful for businesses? Explainer videos are still a relatively new thing, and they are important for any business which wants to easily and simply explain their services to their customers.

The bonus of an explainer video is that it briefly and perfectly sums up in less than 2 minutes what a business is all about, combining entertainment with information, engaging visuals with to-the-point text.

So we thought we’d compile a list of the 23 best explainer videos to prove that, just because a video is explaining something, it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun, engaging and even artistic. Let’s take a look and see if we can inspire you today with some of the most creative out there at the moment.

№23 ZenCash

ZenCash easily makes it into our list of top explainer videos owing largely to its endearing hand-sketched style. Not only is everything explained beautifully, but the animation is so pretty that customers will soon associate ZenCash with all things pretty. And who doesn’t like pretty things? Bravo.

№22 Google Now

Google stays in our consciousness not just because they’re the number 1 search engine, but also because they release a new explainer video with each new product. This makes it into our list of best explainer videos because it is so well crafted and explains everything so simply.

№21 Spotify

Everyone knows all about Spotify, but not everyone knows that a lovingly crafted explainer video accompanied their launch. This is one of the great explainer videos that combines text with great animation and music whilst completely neglecting voiceover. It works perfectly. The music is also a great choice. Did we expect anything less?

№20 Groupon

Groupon’s explainer video is one of those top explainer videos that neatly fits everything you need to know into just 30 seconds. When you consider that the average television commercial is 30 seconds long, you realise that 30 seconds is actually a good amount of time to convey the right amount of information. Straight to the point, it also comes with some cool visuals.

№19 Mint

Sophisticated animation, a tight script and easygoing music makes for a winning formula here for this explainer video which is officially recognised as being one of the top explainer videos out there. If you’ve been to a conference on great explainer videos, chances are you’ll have seen this one.

№18 Litmus Email Previews

Limus Email Previews wins because it contains a ninja. Well, okay, and it also comes with a solid story, awesome animation, as well as a perfectly succinct script. It’s one of the best explainer videos that combines the right kind of elements.

№17 AirBnB

AirBnB’s explainer video makes its way onto our list of great explainer videos by managing to be snappy and fast-paced despite its 1.45 length. It combines live action with motion graphics, and always keeps things moving forward. Engaging and warm, it sets the blueprint for all bed and breakfast explainer videos.

№16 Crazy Egg

The narration for Crazy Egg’s explainer video comes across very much like a blog post – but that’s no bad thing. The fact is that a lot of consumers prefer to watch videos rather than read 1,000 word blog posts. Crazy Egg have tapped into this idea by coming up with a smart explainer video that combines information with engaging animation.

№15 IT-MAN (8-bit)

The creators of this IT-MAN explainer video have wonderfully tapped into a current trend among customers – our fondness for nostalgia. This best explainer video is basically inspired by the early nineties 8-bit MegaDrive platform games. Anyone who remembers spending hours (okay, months) at a time playing retro video games at the dawn of the 1990’s will get a kick out of this one.

№14 Tonx

Tonx’s best explainer video is similar to the one produced by the guys over at Dollar Shave Club. A guy wearing his dressing gown talks to us about the need for buying the best coffee – from Tonx, of course. It’s a simple concept – and it works.

№13 Super Sync Sports

Uhm, what happens when your explainer video is backed by Google? You make it into our list of great explainer videos, of course. Well, that and your video contains flawless animation that we can’t tear our eyes from.

№12 Instagram Direct

Instagram simply weren’t going to make their best explainer video one which didn’t contain the most beautiful cinematography in an explainer video ever, right? Yep, whilst this explainer video has a slightly hipster slant, it’s superbly crafted and comes high in production values.

№11 Epipheo

Epipheo’s explainer video makes it into our list of the top explainer videos largely owing to its script which is punctuated with rapier wit and dry humour. Epipheo know they’re good at what they do, and this video basically attests to that. You can’t help but want to subscribe, even if you don’t require their services.

№10 CashOut

Some videos in this list of the best explainer videos come with voiceover, some don’t. This one doesn’t and benefits massively from it. It has all the friendly ambience of a coffee house, thanks to some great sound design, and tells a lovely story.

№9 New Relic

Animation combined with voiceover and snapshots of info and graphics is the order of the day for New Relic’s explainer video. It isn’t offering up anything new, but it’s a great example of how to make an explainer video that is understandable and conveys a message perfectly.

№8 Bebo

Presented by the co-founder of Bebo, Michael Birch, Bebo’s explainer video makes it into our list of the top explainer videos by virtue of the fact that it’s a little different to any others out there. It doesn’t set out to explain what service the business provides, but wryly informs us that Bebo is making a fresh start. Funny and laid-back, its style matches Bebo’s own values.

№7 PadMapper

PadMapper simply had to be on our list of the best explainer videos because it respects the need for humour. The creators have invested this best explainer video with oodles of imagination, balancing funny with information. We can’t wait for the sequel. (Explainer videos don’t have sequels – ed).

№6 FlexMinder

Stop motion animation can be time consuming. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas took about 2 years to make. He could probably learn a thing from the creators of this explainer video, which was probably shot in less than a day but is still hugely endearing and makes you feel all warm.

№5 Knock

Making a simple but effective explainer video is not easy, but the guys at Knock make it look very easy. Not much happens in this video yet it’s absorbing, which is why it’s so clever. Less is more.

№4 Herd Absurd

Herd Absurd is a mix and match app aimed at kids, and their explainer video is pretty much everything that children and their parents will love. Zero voiceover, just friendly music, pretty colours, and a few shots of the parents and their children. Better than Rugrats.

№3 SharkWrap

SharpWrap’s explainer video is a throwback to the old Hanna-Barbera US cartoons. Incorporating all the sound effects we remember as kids, it’s one of those great explainer videos that just sticks in your head.

№2 Pencil

Minimalism is the order of the day here, with this stripped back explainer video for Pencil which is immensely creative and involving. Everything you need to know is encapsulated via just visuals and music.

№1 Dollar Shave Club

Were you one of the guys who raised all your eyebrows when someone told you that an explainer video can go viral? Well, the Dollar Shave Club explainer video did go viral. This top explainer video, starring ‘Mike’, founder of Dollar Shave Club, didn’t just work as something that explained the idea behind the business – it worked at propelling the business into the public consciousness. How? By thinking outside the box. No animation, just a few props and an awesome script.

Discover what are the best explainer video and what you can learn from their success today!

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