Include Rhythmic Music and Cartoon Characters to Create Cartoon Animated Promo Video App Like Funny Fan Danz

By on January 15, 2015

Product Promoted in the Video Advertisement

FanDanz App Promo Video from Zenzuke on Vimeo. The animated promo video is for the Fan Danz app. As conveyed by the video this is a game for those who can’t stop dancing.

Description of the Fan Danz Animated Promo Video

The Fan Danz promo is a simple animated video. App features and reasons for using the app appear as text occasionally throughout the video. There is no spoken dialogue. Peppy foot tapping music plays during the entire video. The video opens with an animated figure holding a smart phone with earphones. The figure springs into a dance and “Fan Danz” appears in large letters on the screen and “Let’s dance with Fan Danz” in smaller letters underneath. The viewer is informed who needs Fan Danz (people whose feet move when they hear a great hit) and why (Because with Fan Danz anyplace can be your dance floor). Animated figure are depicted dancing in different places including in the bathroom, and some benefits mentioned, like dance your own style and choose your own music. Animated figures continue to dance as various features pop up. The video ends with an animated figure again in the bathroom dancing while seated.

Brief Analysis of the Fan Danz Animated Promo Video

The two words that best describe this animated app promotion video are cute and confusing. To start with, some of it’s better points will be looked at:

  • Two things are very clear in the video. The animated video app is Fan Danz and it is a dance related app. This is clarified in the intro portion of the video.
  • The video was somewhat humorous. Scenes such as the figure dancing while seated in the bathroom were amusing in a cute kind of way
  • Soundtrack was catchy
  • Will most likely have a certain appeal to preteens visually and aurally.

Although the video is watchable and even amusing at points there is a good chance some viewers will be left somewhat confused on some things including:

  • What kind of game app is it really? We are told many things including “It is for those who can’t stop dancing” and “Challenge your friend” but no information is provided on the game itself.
  • How do you play? Animated figures are dancing around and competing for best dancer apparently but actual game playing information is limited to “start by choosing your own song.”Our next instruction is “get points for your own rhythm.”

As far as targeting an audience, the Fan Danz animated promo video will probably work. But it felt a little short when it comes to letting viewers know about the demo app itself or what it does exactly.

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