How We Create Animated Video

How We Create Animated Video: Five Steps

Interested in our service to create animated video but not sure how it works? Here are five easy steps explaining how we make animated video and can do the same for you!

How to Create an Explainer Video on Your Own


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Write an Explainer Video Script

The first step to create animated video is to know what purpose you want the video to serve. To this end, a script must be penned laying out all the different parts of the video and what information will go where. Our services have professionals on hand to make animated video scripts that are captivating, hilarious and insightful.

Record the Explainer Video Voice Over

Now that a script has been written, the second step to create an animated video is to find someone to record a voice over. When you create animated video, it is about more than what’s on the screen. A key element when you make a animated video is to have a voice over to narrate what is going on and hold the viewer’s hand throughout so they feel more comfortable. This increases their understanding of the video overall.

Outline the Storyboard

The third step in the process to create animated video is the storyboard what will eventually become the video proper. Fortunately for our clients, our service employs a dozen well-trained artists whose job is solely that of storyboarding new projects. The best way to make animated video online isn’t to jump directly into the production but to carefully prepare in order to create the best results possible.

Create Animated Video

At long last it comes time to create animated video! Now that everything has been written and storyboarded, our video production engineers can make an animated video that is sure to impress our clients. The process to create animated video has been streamlined and simplified to make it easier than ever to get projects to clients on time.

And now the final element – delivery of your video! You have what you wanted all along. Ain’t life grand? As you can see, to make animated video is an easy process, one that can even be fun!