How to Market Your App Promo Video Once Released

By on August 30, 2016

Making Sure Your App Promo Video Gets Seen

Creating an app promotion video is only part of the battle when it comes to marketing your new mobile application. In order to do you any good the video needs to be seen preferably by as many people as possible. Once you have your video you need to explore as many channels as possible to get it widely viewed.

Twenty Ways to Ensure Your App Video Demo is Seen

Here is a list of twenty channels that you may want to consider to get better exposure of your app video demo:

app promo videoUpload your video to the Google Play Store: Video on your Google Play Store page allows visitors to quickly know why they need your app. Views you get on your video through the Google Play Store also count as views on YouTube and the more views you get on YouTube, the higher your video is ranked in YouTube search results thus in Google search results.

app promo videoUpload your video to the Apple App Store: Apple’s App Store and Google Play are the two largest app stores and if your app works with iOS posting an app demo video here make sense.


app promo videoPlace your video on alternative app stores: If you have an Android app you should consider app stores besides Google Play to get additional distribution channels. Perhaps the best known is the Amazon App Store but there are a number of others as well.


app promo videoFacebook Video ads: Facebook ads allow you to target a very specific audience. You can match your database with Facebook to target your best users or find people that are similar to your best customers. Potential customers can watch a video about your app and if they like what they see, they just have to tap the “Install Now” button and are brought to their app store.

app promotional videoInstagram video ads: With several hundred million monthly active users Instagram reaches a big audience and it is worth considering placing a video ad for your app on their site.


app promotional videoTwitter video ads: Twitter is another platform that you can place video ads for your app.



app promotional videoQuora: Quora is a site people use to get answers from experts or people in general. Mentioning your app in an answer as long as it’s relevant and not blatant promotion is okay. If you do mention it, consider embedding a YouTube video so that people are able to see what you’re talking about.


app promotional videoForums: Forums relating to your app niche can be good sites for posting your video. This requires some advance planning as you will want to make yourself known on the forum prior to posting the video. Rules vary from forum to forum so check first to see what is allowed.


app promotional videoApp Awards: Sending a good video when you’re applying for an award provides a quick way for the jury members to evaluate your app and gets it seen by those in the industry


app promotional videoVideo on Social Media: Once you have created an app demo video, you should share it on your social media accounts to let your followers know about it. Post it on Facebook and other social media networking sites you are involved with.


app promotional videoStartup-Videos: If you’re a startup then you may be able to submit your video on Startup Videos to get more exposure for your app.


app video demoPost your video on YouTube: YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the internet



app video demoUpload your video to DailyMotion: One of the largest video sharing sites



app video demoPost your video on Vimeo: Among the biggest video sharing sites



app video demoNiche Influencers: Email a link to your video to the different influencers in your particular niche and get some feedback from them. It is generally better to have specific questions rather than just asking what they think.


app video demoEmail signature: Google integrates many of their products with each other. If you have a full YouTube link in your email a video thumbnail will be displayed at the end. Any recipient who uses Gmail needs only click once to view the video.


app video demoGet your app reviewed by bloggers and journalists: Email a link to your app video to bloggers and journalists and ask for feedback.


app video demoPut your video on your own website: Embed your video demo on your own website. Place it on the homepage or another page that gets the most traffic


app video demoUse specialized ad networks: Use one of the companies that specialize in video ads such as Vungle and Ad Colony to get your video seen.


app video demoMake use of Pinterest: Posts on Pinterest have a much longer half-life than other social media sites, are more likely to be seen by those who actually spend online and have a better chance of going viral.


These are not the only available avenues for getting your mobile app demo video seen. For the best app promo video exposure consider using an experienced professional service already familiar with the various options available.

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