How to Make DJ App Promo Video That Will Inspire You to DJing?

By on December 4, 2014

The Purpose of the DJ Promo Video

The DJ promo video is an advertisement for DJ Studio 5, an app demo that can be used to do your own music mixing, using your favorite songs, similar to what a club DJ would do. The app also allows music sharing.

Video Description

The video begins with some upbeat dance music playing and the words “Want to mix like a pro?” on a green background. During the promo video the green background never changes. As the music continues to play the words change to “Built in recorder” and then to “Live sound spectrum” followed by “Remix and share on SoundCloud.” The viewer is then treated to a brief animation of what appears to be a DJ wearing headphones mixing on a dual turntable. At this point the product is introduced. The DJ animation is replaced with a small representation of a turntable with the number “5” in the center. The image increases in size and underneath the image the words “Introducing DJ Studio” appear. For the next 35 seconds various images of mixing equipment appear with different features of the DJ Studio 5 app printed above each image. During the last few seconds of the advertisement the image of the turntable with the number “5” in the center reappears. Underneath the image the words “Download for free” are displayed as well as where it can be downloaded. The words change to “Mix and rule the party with DJ Studio” and the music that has been playing the entire time fades.

Positive Aspects of the DJ Promo Video

The DJ promo video had several things that can be viewed as positive in its advertisement video. Positives include:

  • Soundtrack – The music playing was of the type that somebody interested in mixing would key on
  • Topic – From the start the viewer knows that the topic is about mixing music like a DJ, and it is clear what the product being advertised is in the promo video. Promo video app features are clearly stated as well.
  • DJ animation – The DJ animation could be taken for male or female, so it doesn’t alienate potential users of either sex.
  • Background – The green background made it easy to read the lettering and images stand out.
  • Call to action -There is a clear call to action so you can “rule the party.”

With regards to negatives, nothing really stands out. It isn’t an exceptionally original advertisement, but it doesn’t need to be.

Overall the DJ app promo video works. There is no confusion as to what the product is or what features the product offers. The video addresses a need, “do you want to mix like a pro” and then proceeds to tell you how you can in a clear way.

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