How Doodle Animation Can Improve Your Conversion

By on September 6, 2014

Working with doodle animation can help attract eyes, which translates into a client connection

On one hand doodle videos are always pretty popular and they’ll attract views for sure. That being said, that’s not the only aspect that people are concerned about. Plenty of projects get more than enough viewers, but the conversion rate is bad. People never actually line up to purchase what was being sold. That’s why these videos are also often used to help attract people over to actually making the purchases that were requested.

Conversion Rates with Doodle Animation

It’s not hard to figure out how to make doodle animation or animation for business, so it can be said that it’s already efficient based on that principle alone. That being said, actually knowing how to make doodle animation is only half the battle. The most important aspect is how it’s going to be used to increase conversion rates. People respond to doodle animation. There are plenty of business anecdotes that state that individuals who might not otherwise have been attracted to a product are initially impressed with the video promoting it. That kind of response can often improve the conversion rate by itself.

This isn’t the whole story, though. These types of videos are often quite short, and that means that clients can be quickly exposed to them. In many cases it shouldn’t be hard to show a number of them to a particular client or clients. People often click them online, even, because they’re used to watching short bits on Youtube and other popular social video sites. While many bits until now have been live action, there was a time when flash video was largely in vogue and it looks like the time is ripe for a similar situation to come by all over again.

Getting People to Respond

When they see this many doodle videos they’re more likely to ultimately come across some product that they actually like. Sheer numbers, if nothing else, will eventually produce this influence on people. That really helps when it comes to time to have clients genuinely connect with a brand and make a purchase. Perhaps the best part is the fact that these videos can help vendors regardless of what types of products are being sold. Anything from services to business-to-business marketing opportunities are able to be promoted through this sort of a system. We also provide you with any necessary information on how to add video to website and some data you might need.

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