Gym or Workout? Fit Booster Shows How Sports Video App Should Look Like

By on January 1, 2015

Description of the Fit Booster Sports Video App Promo

FitBooster – Promo video Iphone app. from Raak & Helder on Vimeo.

The Fit Booster app presentation video begins with the Fit Booster name and logo on a white background. This becomes a scene with a female wearing a jogging outfit running in a desolate appearing rural setting, followed by shots of a male in gym shorts and shirt using a piece of exercise equipment in a gym, a young woman in a home setting stretching, and a young man in an urban park setting wearing street clothes and jumping rope against a backdrop of wall graffiti. The scenes cycle through the four athletes again, all who have stopped what they are doing and are checking their Iphones. Occasionally a glimpse of the phone display is shown or a representation of the screen presented as a hologram, all containing data or graphics that are related to athletics. Each athlete is seen several more times as the viewer watches them begin a different type of exercise and complete their workouts with occasional checks of Iphones. The video ends with “fitbooster” printed on a white back ground. During the video no words are spoken or printed on the screen. Music with a steady beat plays continuously during the entire video.

What the App Presentation Video Does Well

The viewing experience provided by the sports video app promo is interesting and not an unpleasant one. The app presentation video is well done technically and artistically and does a good job of conveying several messages. Some of the points made are:

  • The video has a stark, almost harsh feel to it that provides a serious tone and conveys the unspoken message that this is an app for people who are serious about exercise.
  • Settings used vary. Rural, urban, home and gym. This tells the viewer that it doesn’t matter where you are to make use of the app.
  • The background music has a steady beat that implies resolve and determination

The overall message is that this is a sports app for anybody, anywhere who is serious about their exercise and has the determination to carry on. However, while well made it fails in a couple of things:

  • While the product is clearly Fit Booster, some viewers may be left wondering what Fit Booster actually does.
  • We know Fit Booster is for those that take exercise seriously. Why?
  • Does it really project holograms? It lends a modern high-tech touch but could mislead

In all fairness, the negative points mentioned may be due to target market. This sports video app demo is aimed at those who train seriously. It might be assumed at that advanced level, the customer targeted will be familiar enough with sports apps, that the features need not be mentioned. Others less advanced may be left somewhat in the dark.

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