Got iPad? Check How to Make Your Own App Promotion Video as iPlan for iPad Event Planning App and Never Miss Anything during Your Day!

By on December 11, 2014

The App Promotion Video Topic

Iplan Ipad App from Panstone on Vimeo.

Description of the App Promotion Video

The video advertisement for the iPlanner app has no dialogue. A nice cheery tune plays throughout the video. It begins with an image of an iPad with the words iPlanner for iPad printed on its screen. The majority of the rest of the video is different shots of an iPad. Each shot/image has one of the features of the iPlanner written next to it, with the feature listed being displayed on the iPad shown in the image. Many of the images also have a simple graphic that can be associated with the feature depicted. For example the password mode feature has an image of a chain, and event reminders has an image of a party hat and balloon. The background changes color for each image, and is color coordinated with the iPad image displayed. The end of the video shows an image of a day-planner with iPlanner written on the cover. Underneath the image the words “Now available from the Apple App store” are displayed.

The Good and the Bad in the App Promotion Video

There are plenty of positives in the iPlanner app promotion video. Some of the points that work well include:

  • Product introduction – From the start the viewer knows what the product is. Each feature is also clearly introduced.
  • Visually appealing – The changing color of the background, and the way it matches the images is very well done. There is a very polished look to the video, and for an advertisement promoting a tool for organizing it is well suited.
  • Graphics of features – The use of images associated with the features was clever without appearing the makers were trying to be too clever.
  • Catchy tune – the music used was upbeat without being overbearing.

There are no negatives that stand out as such in the app demo video.

This promo video app has a certain charm to it. It is well polished and visually appealing and provides information on the product in a clear manner. The polished feel it has appears to be aimed at the type of individual who will make good use of an app for organizing their life in an orderly fashion. It is busy enough to hold people interest but there isn’t so much going on that it is difficult to follow.

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