FAQs on How to Make an App Demo Video

Some FAQs on How to Make an App Demo Video

How to Make an App Demo VideoUsing videos are a popular means of promoting apps in this day and age. Indeed, any form of visual information is often considered to be more effective in giving people the right information than any other stimuli. Not to confuse you with the complex process of app demo video creation, we’ve gathered the most common questions on how to make an app demo video on this page. Check them out before contacting our support team.

What services do you provide?

App Video Promo FAQOur services include app demonstration and app promotion video creation, script writing, voice over recording and app demo video promotion. Upon client’s request, we may also provide app marketing services. Here you may check a full list of our app video promotion services.

What do you need from me to start?

How to Start App Video ProductionWe would need to know what app you would like to promote, what the key features of this application are, what customers you target, how long the video should be and how soon you need it. Also, we will kindly ask you to share the concept of the video with us and send us screenshots of your app.

Should I provide you with a script?

How to Write App Video ScriptIn a perfect case – yes, but we can also write the script for you, if you provide us with a basic idea of the video. We also offer script editing services, in case you are not sure in the text. Please note that you will be charged additionally for the script writing service.

How long does the video production process take?

How Long Does App Video Production TakeUsually 7 days is enough to produce a quality app promo video, but everything depends on how fast we will receive all materials from you and how smooth communication will be. We also offer rush turnaround, but in this case price for video production will be higher. Here you may learn more about the process of app video production.

What if I am not satisfied with the video?

App Promo Video SatisfactionIn case you are not happy with the video, we will kindly ask you to specify what exactly is wrong, and our experts will complete all revisions for free. Our service also offers 100% money back guarantee for the cases when we failed to meet the deadline or video is of unacceptable quality. 

What Constitutes App Demo Videos?

Well, first thing we need to discuss on these FAQs on how to make an app demo video is just what makes up a demo video. Well, here are some important things to remember when putting them together:

  • They have to be somewhat colorful or somewhat noteworthy. People are easily attracted to flashy lights or bright colors so be sure to use either/or in your video. Of course, you can always use something black and white if that matches the theme of what you’re trying to do but you have to remember that it has to be something that easily sticks to the consciousness.
  • You need to have matching sound for your videos. While there are those who forego sound altogether, you have to remember that even just good background music can have viewers utterly posted to your videos. So use any kind of music that matches with your video and, if you’re going to use voice clips, be sure that they sync well with your video and serve to compliment the visual imagery.
  • You also need to put in the best things that you have to offer on your website. It’s a widespread marketing strategy so be sure to use it to your advantage as well. Having a compelling call to action in the end of the video prompts users to visit your main website and read more.

What to Avoid in How to Make an App Demo Video?

  • Among those to avoid in how to make app demo video is making your videos too long. The ideal length for a good promotional video is 5-10 minutes. Anything longer than that may prove to be boring your audience, causing them to lose interest in your services.
  • Avoid being complicated in telling your audiences what you’re about. Keep it simple and always use layman’s terms in describing your services.
  • Avoid using words that are either too long or rarely used. While it’s necessary to use words and phrases that have a ring to them, it’s important to remember that words not commonly used will just baffle your potential readers.

What to Remember in Your Video for App?

  • When making a video for app, it is best to include all the important information you can include in the given time as long as it doesn’t make things too long or complicated.
  • Make your video as entertaining as it is informative. Make your viewers laugh a little along the way.
  • Engage your viewers and leave them guessing and wanting more.

Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us about your custom video for app!