FAQs on Doodle Video

FAQs on doodle video are just to answer those difficult questions our clients need answers for concerning doodle video. Our strategists are always online to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

1. What does your firm do?

This is a company based on digital marketing and branding agency specializing in creating affordable marketing tools for startup businesses and SMEs across the globe. We are a small yet experienced team of designers, animators, and digital marketing specialists who have come together to help businesses get the attention that they deserve by using our online services.

2. Who will create my doodle video?

We have three in house whiteboards animators who will work together to create your doodle video to ensure a professional result. We offer professional whiteboards animations service on the web. Our products and services are of the highest quality and our prices are a fraction of traditional agencies who may charge thousands of dollars. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges and pride ourselves on being able to offer an exceptional experience to our clients.

3. How long does it take to create a doodle video?

It usually take between 5-10 days to create a doodle video depending on the intricacy of the animation. A start up video using standard graphics will be completed with 5 days. The executive package uses entirely custom animation and needs up to 10 days for turnaround. We do offer an express delivery service if you need your doodle video faster.

4. What is the ideal length of a doodle video?

Essentially your video needs to be long enough to get your message across, but short enough to keep a viewer engaged. The ideal length in our opinion is 60-90 seconds.

5. Can I choose a voice over talent for myself?

We work with specially selected voiceover talent who we can guarantee will provide a high quality results every time. We offer female and male voiceovers that are talented and have native ascent from all over the globe.  You are free to choose which voiceover you want to work with from our voice over database. All their specifics are detailed on our website.