Easy Explaining of Data Compression App for Snappli App Demo to Show How It Works

By on February 5, 2015

Product the App Demo Video Discusses

Introducing Snappli – Free Data Compression App from Snappli on Vimeo. The video is an overview of the Snappli, a data compression app that increases your internet speed and lowers usage by compressing data.

Description of the Video

The video for Snappli data compression app begins with a blue background on which the title of the video section “Getting Started with Snappli” is placed. A voice over provides an overview of Snappli and how to download the app while the viewer watches what the narrator is describing. The next portion of the video “Advanced settings”, is presented in the same way. Onscreen, the video shows what actions are being spoken of by the narrator. The section covers how to adjust compression settings and what the effect will be. The following section proceeds in the same manner and covers the Snappli “Roaming Calculator” feature. The final section, “Seeing the Benefits”, discusses various things you can do with the Snappli app. The app demo video concludes with a call to action “Download it Today” and information on where to download the app.

Breakdown and Review of the Snappli Data Compression App

The app demo video for Snappli is a simple yet effective synopsis of the Snappli app. Some of the things that make this video effective are:

  • Organization – The 90 second video contains 4 sections that are clearly labeled and cover precisely what the title implies it will and is organized in much the same order a user would encounter the information covered.
  • Perspective – With the brief exceptions of when a video section title is shown, the entire screen shows what the user of Snappli would see on the screen of their own smart phone. This makes it very easy to see what is being done.
  • Narration – The speech of the unseen narrator is clear and easy to understand. It is also synched very well with the video. The viewer sees exactly what the narrator is relaying. Pacing is good; being neither too fast nor so slow the viewer loses interest.
  • Informative – Although brief, the video does an excellent job of providing information on what the app does and how to use it. By the end of the video the questions that most viewers would have are covered.

Although more instructional than advertisement, the Snappli data compression app demo makes an effective sales tool. It simplicity, lack of distraction and presentation of the information is sure to induce interest in those unfamiliar with what an app like Snappli does. If there is a negative that could be mentioned, it is that there isn’t anything in the video to induce potential viewers to watch it in the first place. If an individual is interested enough to view the app promotional video initially, it should be quite effective in gaining new users.

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