Whiteboard Video Service

Our in house staff blends talents, years of expert marketing and storytelling experience, art and editing to provide the very best whiteboard video services available anywhere, at an affordable price. We provide one of the most effective way of explaining your organization, business, product, service and other information to web visitors the very first time they visit your website.

Our expert whiteboard video services do just that. We keep your messages professional and simple, both in narration and animation, focusing viewers on the essence of what you do, and instilling the desire to learn more about you through direct contact.

Whiteboard Video Production

Our process of whiteboard video production is simple, straightforward, and professional. We talk with you and learn about your organization. We provide creative concepts for your video, and then script your story. Once you’ve approved the script, we set to work with our video animation production process to create a whiteboard video in our unique style.

We provide online reviews at each step for your approval. Once you are happy with the finished product, we provide it in web-viewable format, as well as on disk.  If needed, our web experts will set it up on your web site for you. We will do all this in a time frame and at a cost that meets your needs and budget.

Whiteboard Video

The whiteboard video we produce our professional are out to prove to the world that they are the best in the world of making whiteboard video. With their joined effort, they produce whiteboard videos that hit the market with a bang. Because of our super services, we make sure that we provide to our clients whiteboard videos that incorporate all the information they give us before we post them on their website. We preview first, our proofreaders also go through the wordings to make sure that there are no typos and grammar mistake.

What we deliver to our clients is something that is unique, quality and professionally done so that it sells their brands for them. Our marketing strategies are what make customers keep coming to ask for our services!