Our Video Scribing

Here are our video scribing steps: create a script; record the script or if you already have a video scribing script, we can use that; we will create a layout with pictures and words that will bring your talk to life; our program will draw and record the layout once it has been approved; we will put it together in a unique way. That is it. When it comes to video scribing, we are ready to help you with whatever your need

Whiteboard Video Scribing

Find out how our whiteboard video scribing will stop dropoff rates, increase conversions and deliver a message that will amaze your audience. You have five minutes before your audience drop off! No worries, our experienced writers are trained to create engaging whiteboard videos. Our artists are experts in their own right.

We hire the best whiteboard animation artists. Our recording process is where your wildest dreams come true. We brand, shade and color your video scribing video to fit your companies’ style and needs. Music, voiceovers and sound effects are added to create the perfect animation. We make the world a better place through our white board video scribing.

Video Scribing Whiteboard

Video scribing whiteboard has come to be one of the most searched for in terms of marketing. With the increasing importance of video and the ever dwindling attention span of viewers, it is more and more difficult to get people to watch videos all the way through the credits. Further complicating the matters is the ease of use found in many modern online video players. Nowadays video is good but it is not great. That is how the video scribe whiteboards come in handy to brighten life. Video scribing whiteboard is an elevated engaging new form of visual story telling. It capitalizes on the fun of multi sensory experiences but uses audio, video and 3rd party interaction in a way that is sometimes independent of each other.

Welcome and experience the video scribing whiteboard magic with our services!