Check Out Jeego Ecard App and Learn How Create Amazing Funny Birthday Video for Unforgettable Congratulation

By on December 18, 2014

For a Funny Birthday Video Advertisement for Ecard App

Jeego Ecards App Promo from Sarah Verrall on Vimeo. The Jeego Ecard app, not only shows how you can make a funny birthday video. App demo video shows how the app can be used for many special occasions or for no reason at all, other than because you want to. The Jeego Ecard app is a reminder service that notifies users of special occasion, and a provider of greeting cards for all occasions.

Description of the Video Advertisement for the Jeego Ecard App

The “actors” in the video are very simple animated figures such as a circle, triangle and rectangle. There is no dialog in the video. Rather, the message is communicated through the actions of the animated figures, the written word, music and a few sound effects. The video begins with a animated figure that doesn’t look happy. A catchy melody that plays the entire video makes up the soundtrack. The words “life is busy” are followed by “there’s always stuff to do” are shown at the top of the screen as the figure performs various tasks. Sound effects such as a running vacuum cleaner provide emphasis as to how busy life is. Work is interrupted by a text message of an upcoming birthday and the Jeego Ecard app is introduced followed by an explanation of what the app is for. A series of figures send and receive Ecards throughout the rest of the video. The final seconds of the video inform the viewer Jeego is making people happy all over the world.

Positives in This App Promo Video

The Jeego advertisement is the best app promo video advertisements we have reviewed. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Soundtrack – A good soundtrack that through subtle changes alters the emotion of the viewer.
  • Structure/theme – A problem is identified, the world “life is busy” and then elaborated on “there is always stuff to do” and a solution is offered, Jeego. The viewer can easily follow the story.
  • Graphic and animation – Simple but cleverly done. Once Jeego is introduced, a paper airplane representing the card and message is used to connect every following scene. Near the end an animated planet earth is shown, with many paper airplanes flying around it and the words “Jeego: making people happy all over the world”
  • Generates emotion – It is a kind of “feel good” video but not over done to the point of being corny

This app promotion video works on every level. Initially , viewer may guess this for a “send a card for a funny birthday” sort of video. It does make you smile and does show subtle humor. Cute but not over sweet, this video will attract users for the Jeego Ecard app.

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