Best Explainer Videos

By on November 4, 2014

With all hundreds of best explainer videos or whiteboard explainer video available on the web, you have the chance to choose what you want. This page will present the top ten lists of explainer videos perfect for you. Each of the tools can able to use in explaining business, service or product in less than two minutes. With the tool online, you can able to produce excellent video that will get the attention of public.

List of Best Explainer Videos

1. ZenCash: This is a best explainer video that will describe your company’ service or product in simple terms. If you make it correctly, it will lay out all the specific benefits to your potential customers that will quickly grab their attention. As of now, explainer video is highly versatile tool in marketing that can leverage across the mobile, social, email marketing and web channels.
2. Google now: Google becomes an explainer video and for every creation you made, the tool will include lots of beautiful, clever and fun created explainer video. This software uses flat colorful, fun environments, clean and design that delivers an all around and solid video for your viewers.
3. Crazy egg: Knock is simple to use and it is not complicated. This clever explainer video introduces a good way in unlocking Mac with the use of secure Bluetooth connection and phone. Everything is easy to use and there are no fancy effects and no voiceover because it is a simple effective product in crafting wonderful explainer video.
4. This explainer videos uses vibrant animations, familiar and creative homey feel in introducing business. Like other excellent explainer videos out there, this tool does more instead of introducing your company. By using the tool, it tells a story and helping the viewer imagine how they can be able to improve their life.
5. SharkWrap: With the animation and design of Stimpy and Ren, Ross Bollinger brings humor and trademark style to SharkWrap. Using humor in explainer video is important to capture the attention of people. If you executed completely your video, you can able to increase your conversion rates. The tool helps you in creating a valuable online video.
6. Isometric: Isometric is no exception to others because it is one of the best tools you can have for yourself. The advertising solution is perfect for many people out there who wants to make video in a short period of time. The software is using a simple color palette, clean illustration and good animation in bringing a great service.
7. Pencil: Pencil does not use voiceover but it is good to use. It is perfect for beginner and professionals. It allows you to get what you want so no need to worry about the result as long as you done the process correctly.
8. This software is a simple way in protecting online privacy. You can use a creative mix of animation and puppetry. This video tool is a good reminder because there are no set of rules when it comes to crafting explainer videos. If you want to try something new, do something different and think outside the box; you can choose this tool.
9. Squarespace: Squarespace use a good feature and helps people in using magnificent videos for website. Each of the scene you made will look interesting and beautiful. It helps you in building something that will help you on your part. If you are aiming to have beautiful as well as interesting explainer video that meet your needs, start to use Squarespace today. Many people are already using it and you can try it for yourself. There is nothing wrong with it because it’s a great tool in having the best explainer video you can present for your audience.
10. BaseCase: This tool can be your classic explainer video. The good thing is that they sell a potential medical service requiring visuals in properly educating potential customers. This explainer video uses a combination of 3D and cell animation in turning potential eye glazing topic into engaging and fresh look. If you want to have a fresh look explainer video that is different from others, BaseCase will provide what you are looking for. It is proven and tested in creating tremendous explainer video that will surely benefit you.
11. Get Response: It you want to boost your brand in the world of email marketing. You can check out the explainer video and find out how you will do it. Start for free and no risk in a 30 day trial.
12. Custom explainer video: With it, you can increase your engagement, able to boost your revenue and have a professional hand crafted online video. Have your free consultation now!
13. 2d animation: It was created by a great person and when you like to make an explainer video in a 2d animation, use it now and you will be amazed.
14. Isometric style: You can able to make a one minute explainer video with them. It allows you to make a sharing platform that you can able to share in all online content, collect rewards and points.
15. Crazy egg: It has a heatmap tool showing why your visitors are not converting. The explainer video was developed by folks at Demo duck.
16. Cragomatic: It is a transforming local trucking explainer video. It is easy and fast to use. It offers efficient for carriers and shippers to connect.
17. Whiteboard: This tool is easy to use and you will be satisfied to what will offer to you.
18. Chordify: It is a free online music service developed for music enthusiast. It is a cutting edge service helping trained and novice musicians in playing music they want.
19. Plairie Metals: It is one of the leading mobile scrap metal clean across Canadian Prairies. You can learn more when you visit their site especially when it comes to explainer video.
20. Koongo: The software is offering a comprehensive solution on providing product details. You can able to connect with millions of potential customers with their help.
21. Travel services: If you want to make videos for travel, it is a nice tool to use. It helps you in explaining what you want in an easy and understandable way.
22. Animated: Animated explainer video helps you to have a video for your application.
23. Vizdesk: It helps you on how to save thousands of coins with the use of vizdesk explainer video. You can able to manage your visitors in a right place.
24. Smart vault: It is one of the smartest ways in securing store as well as sharing files online. You can able to get great solution for document storage online, client portals, secure file sharing and more.
25. Visual website optimizer: It is a leading site platform being used by over 3,600 brands in seventy-five countries in analyzing web activity and in increasing their conversions.
26. Corporate: It is a nice tool to use that will surely benefit you especially when you like to create online videos for yourself that you can share to lots of people.
27. Explainer: It explains about what digital rain and how it works for your business are, services, brand and others. It helps you in communicating complex data in interactive, engaging and simple manner.
28. Major finder: It includes smart features. You can able to make connections with careers and schools. It allows you to share advice and experience with others.
29. Karma: With it, you can able to increase your visitors to 65 up to 85%. It is a platform allowing you to make tailor made business applications.
30. Hive: Hive is a United Kingdom based home automation product made by British Gas. This tool uses childlike fantasy and music worlds in creating a heartwarming and memorable video. It is a good option for you that is why you need to grab the opportunity and do not have hesitations in trying it. Feel free to test it for yourself to see what it can offer to you.

In conclusion, lots of people are opting for explainer video tools on the web because of what it can offer to them. For people who have tried it, they were contented on what they get. They able to get the conversion rates they need for their site. Using explainer video helps them a lot and they keep on using it. If you also want to present engaging online video that is fun, engaging, appealing and magnificent; make a good decision and that is to use explainer video. You need to grab the chance of having an excellent video for your company’s product or service.

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