Best Explainer Video Tools

By on October 28, 2014

A hot marketing trend today is using the explainer video tool that represents information in very engaging way. Many people around the world and in the industries are utilizing the use explainer videos primarily in increasing their conversion rates. People use it because they can able to catch the attention of their viewers as well as to keep their viewers on their site.

The fact is that one of the common type of people opt from is whiteboard animations. The cost is affordable but the rates depends on the quality, provides and video length. For the people who know about video explainer tool they opt for it because the expense they need to invest is not that high. They can able to have their online video without the need of huge technical skills. If you decided to use explainer video software, what you only need to do is to purchase what tool you want and dedicate time in learning how you can use the tool you choose such as making an excellent video.

There is lots of tools solution out there that are perfect for you and if you want to know the best, check this out. With these explainer video tools, you can able to get what you want.

Best Create Explainer Video Tools

  1.  Sparkol’s VideoScribe: This VideoScibe is created by company name Sparkol. The good thing is that it’s a well-made tool that is very easy to use. It is based on hand drawn animations that called as whiteboard animations. You will definitely like to use the software because it offers a full seven-day trial version so that you will know what it offers. In addition, you can keep the videos that you have created during the trial period. When it comes to cost, a user must need to pay 26 dollars monthly or 195 dollars every year.
  2.  PowToon: Many people choose this make explainer video software because it is simple to use. There is no need for the users to have superb experience and users do not need to undergo with lots of tutorials in figuring out how they can able to make their own explainer video. Using it is very similar in using PowerPoint that is why whenever you need to make a good presentation for your school project, you can choose this tool. PowToon is an intuitive and excellent software available for individuals who want to present wonderful videos that are engaging and striking. Additionally, people can us the PowToon for free which provides you the ability in making your own explainer videos; however, since it is free, it only has less features but if you want to experience its full features, you can upgrade to premium by paying 19 to 21 dollars. If the free feature has watermark, the premium upgrade version will remove the watermark that means you have the ability in downloading higher quality videos.
  3. Go Animate: This is another magnificent explainer video tool that you can run and use in your browser. It has similarities with PowToon and it uses cartoonish type. The truth is that this software is based on creating character in making story line. This is the difference of Go Animate with other tools online. The software offers two sets monthly subscription that is divided for commercial use and personal use. For commercial use, you need to pay 39 to 79 dollars every month and for personal use, 18 to 99 dollars is what you need to pay as quarterly fees. This is good for starters, which gives them the chance to choose from two sets of monthly subscription. If you use it, you will witness how it works and will know that it is one of the best explainer video tools you can have for yourself.
  4. Adobe after effects: Maybe you are now familiar with this tool since it is familiar on the web. Adobe after effects tools is very complex allowing you to make any kind of videos that you want. The fact is that it is being used by professionals and large companies. It is also being used by amateurs in adding fancy effects in their videos. The tool can be used in making explainer videos. At first, for a person who does not have knowledge in using the software, they will consume all the options and features because the software is intended for all real video production companies. For people who are novice, they need to go through with numerous tutorials in finding your way around. If you decided to use it in creating explainer video, you can do so but keep in mind that you need enough time to have the best output. For 49 dollars each month, you can able to use it. This software is being used for many things than just making explainer videos. The software is offering a free trial for you not to lose when you start trying it.
  5. Camtasia: If you are seeking for a software that will help you in creating online videos, you can choose Camtasia. You can able to capture the attention of your viewers by using the tool so look no further. In addition, the tool is well known because it used capture screen videos for many years. As of now, it evolves and the time you record everything, you can able to use many features that will benefit you. You also have the chance to create more appealing video. This handy software is available for 299 dollars as a onetime purchase.
  6. Creamy Animation: The tool is easy to use and easy to understand. What you only need to do is to follow the steps provided on their site and get started.
  7. 1/29 Films: It is an engaging and easy to use explainer video. You can able to use it without any experience that is why grabbing the opportunity to try it now.
  8.  Amod Films: The tool helps you in making flash animation, group buying video, animated videos and commercials. It is your one stop solution that helps your business.
  9. Blink Tower: The software helps you in increasing your conversion rates and helps to increase yours. You can able to make money in just 60 seconds and it helps you in increasing your sales to 38% compared to your competitors.
  10. Common Craft: People who can use the explainer video included businesses, schools and individuals in more than 50 countries that will motivate and enlighten. The tool has common craft membership.
  11. Epipheo Studios: For great video, choosing ephipheo is a nice option. It has features that you surely love and want to try. Lots of businesses opt for it.
  12. Cullin Collective: Cullin Collective is a nice video for the explainer. Many people use it for the betterment of their business.
  13. Breadnbeyond: Checking out and using Breadnbeyon will increase your conversion rates to more than what you expect. It is your key to make more money in your pocket.
  14. Daily Planet:If you are looking for a good explainer video with great text, you can use the tool. It is proven in helping businesses.
  15. Flikli: It is not just well known but it has a good reputation online especially in offering a help in creating wonderful online videos for business.
  16. Explania: Explania is one of the top listed explainer videos for everyone. It has an engaging and fun features you will like.
  17.  Easy Explain Video: The software is easy to use and simple to use. You will not have a hard time in using the tool because it was made for novice and professionals.
  18. Explainers: It is an explainer video that will meet your needs. If you have a business whether offering service or product, the tool will helps you in explaining what you want by just visiting the site.
  19. Demo Duck: It is one of the popular explainer videos you can opt for. The tool offers a good help for all people who wants to make more money than before.
  20. Demo Duck: It is one of the popular explainer videos you can opt for. The tool offers a good help for all people who wants to make more money than before.
  21. Explanimate: If you are seeking for a fresh video that you can present to your audience, Explanimate will help you in creating animated videos for your own good.
  22. Fueled: There are many things that you surely love the tool. It is great in helping individuals to make an awesome video they still don’t have for their site.
  23. Corporate Video Sharks: It was one of the best choices for explainer videos. It has good features that you will like to try.
  24. Green Iguana: If you are looking for new explainer video that is different from others, you can have the software for yourself.
  25. Grumo Media: Since there are hundreds of videos for the explainer, you can choose from. Be sure to choose Grumo Media. It is a well-reputed tool for making videos with great explanation.
  26. Barq Video: It allows you to create strategies animated video. It helps you in creating video production that will make your business easy to understand as well as your help in achieving higher conversion in selling whether advanced services, IT application complex products and much more.
  27. Go Animate: It is an animated explainer video helps you to have engaging, striking and excellent videos for people out there. It offers a good help for starters.
  28. Howcast: Howcast is easy to understand. You do not need to have experience to use it because what you only need to do is to follow the steps provided.
  29. Idea Rocket: Idea Rocket is an exceptional explainer video for anyone out there. It was developed to help people in increasing their sales for business.
    If you want the best online video for your company, you need to get started in using the best tool for yourself. You have many choices to choose from and you can choose from the tools presented above. It will help you in creating the best online explainer video that will help you in increasing your conversion rates.

To sum it up, there is nothing wrong in using explainer video because it helps you so get started now!

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