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By on October 21, 2014

Explainer videos are short online videos being used in explaining company’s service or product. Often, it is being placed on landing page, product page, site homepage and others. Some sites that are including explainer video on their site increase their conversion rates. The fact is not it is not an arguable that online videos are wonderful assets for company’s sites. On the other hand, the question is that how people can able to have an exceptional explainer video of their own. If you are also thinking about this question, do not worry because you can able to use explainer video creator for yourself.

On this page, you will be looking at the best explainer videos on the internet and reasons they are one of the leading. This page will discuss why explainer videos are a good option for your business. You can choose from many explainer videos. Check this out!

Best Explainer Video Maker

These explainer video generator best lists will help you to get started. If you want to start now, you will be satisfied with these explainer videos.

1. Dollar Shave: This explainer video is wonderfully great because it has edge among other explainer videos. The go all-in and follow through feature of this explainer video is wonderful. You can able to create funny advertisements and what makes great about it is that it knows their audience. When it comes to video’s language as well as the humor matches audience completely. The good thing is that it’s a good example of well-structured explainer video. The tool start with a brief overview about the service, introduce the problem and reiterating solution about the service.
2. PooPourri: PouPourri is a great choice also just like the Dollar Share Club. It becomes successful in the world of explainer video because it has a good offer to individuals. The explainer video is large lie action; however, it switches to some animation in showing intricacies of how the tool works. In addition, you can check out the green button at the end of the video. It is worth to click aside from ending with a strong and outstanding call to action. It is worth also to have the tool because it has a great matching tone of humor. If you are having difficulties in creating online videos, you can opt for this software. Most businesses are opting for it and you can do so. PooPourri is a great and outrageous product. The humor is outrageous also.
3. Mint: Mint is an excellent example of why businesses are better off with animation instead of live action. Mint takes advantage of animation in illustrating how it draws some information from different parts of curates and user’s life into one setup. The good thing with Mint is that it uses screenshots of the actual product wherein it familiarize viewers with the arrangement and product’s design.
4. Air BnB: Lots of people of for this explainer video because it uses a combination of live action as well as animation in showing unique experiences. This tool makes an awesome job in showing perks of Air BnB and to explain it verbally like Air BnB messaging systems will appear on nearby wall at the same time showing how it easy to contact a host. The tool uses like action in highlighting many incredible host homes. You can also take advantage o the animation aspects in emphasizing some points.
5. Spotify: Spotify relies with rockin’ soundtrack and fun animation in explaining digital music service. The video matches lively music with a fast-paced cutting as well as video color scheme that fits perfectly with the design of Spotify. The tool is familiar in making wonderful online videos for their customers. It does not over complicate but it relies with a great tune. When it comes to the lines of text, it will be show that it is all about the music.
6. ZenCash: It was produced by Demo Duck and has a unique sketched style that will draw viewers in. It reported that client gets 75% visitors in their site by clicking the video. You can able to make a video in just 90 seconds.
7. PadMapper: It was created by Miguel as well as his team. It is a great tool in using humor to get the attention of audience. The explainer video is engaging, effective and fun.
8. Crazy egg: It is a heatmap tool showing why your site needs to be visited. It was also produced by Demo Duck and showing an example of wonderful solution animation together with screencast web application in action.
9. Inbenta: It is a fun and quirky highlighting the befit of the software. The good thing is that ends with call to action that is clear.
10. SendGrid: It has a fantastic combination of white board animation together with cut out animation. Users found the video to be engaging and informative.
11. Vidyard: The videos do a great job by the combination of live action with animation. When it comes to animation, it is clearly visualized using the benefits of the tool. It allows users to have call to action at the last part.
12. Kasra Design: It has the combination of 2d images and 3d objects that makes a video appealing It is a big different from actual 2D which is high budget and time consuming.
13. Lilipip: This type of video is one of a kind. It has great features allowing you to make a wonderful explainer video you can share with other people.
14. Live action: The tool allows you to make video in a small budget. The truth is it is similar with TV marketing videos.
15. Mable Animation: It is one of the preferred video for startup networks. It has voice over that explain a whole concept of your video.
16. Motion Crafter: It is one of the preferred mode in sharing inspiring text in a sequential way. The video inspired and quite creative.
17. Ephipheo: The video is like a script, it is funny and dry. It beats other videos and proof is always magnificent.
18. Bebo: The concept is good as well as the performance. The performance is funny and you surely love it to try.
19. Flexminder: When it comes to subject, it is nice and the animate will help viewer to concentrate.
20. Top Paid Directory PR4 – Submit Your Website: A comprehensive directory and resource for explainer video production studios.

The time that you badly in need on online videos are, you can submit or show to your viewers, you need to make sure what explainer video you will use. It is better if you choose the best so that you can present a fund, catchy and interesting online video to everyone or to your target audience.

Moreover, getting the attention of people is important that is why you need to make a good choice on what you should do. It is important that your video is one of a kind so that you will be contented and satisfied.

Lastly, online videos are great choice in catching get attention of your audience or viewers. If you need to increase your conversion or leads, this is the time to opt for explainer video. There are many choices that you can choose from. There are many leading and top-notch explainer videos available for you. Just feel free to choose what suits and fits for you and begin to use it.

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