How Correctly Done App Promo Video Can Explode App Marketplaces

By on December 5, 2016

We live in an era where people crave convenience and technology have helped to actualize this craving. It is not surprising that most of our activities or chores today can be done faster than previously thought and most often with just a push of a button. This is no different in the world of telecommunications. The question of how smart your smartphone is has generated a lot of mobile apps and phone tools, meant to maximize the potential of an already potential exceeding field. Every day new apps are constantly flooding the app market, some are free and some are paid, but it really doesn’t matter because if people need the app, they will get it. Like it has always been known, the necessity they say is the mother of invention. So most app creators see a need and create an app to meet the need. There is just one issue with this. In a sight and sound generation, multiple good reviews would not be enough to market the app. That’s where app demo video comes into play.

So you can have a good app that you know would be beneficial to many, but if you don’t put it out there in a way that your potential users can effortlessly relate with, you would not be able to maximize sales. This is what has given rise to the advent of app promo video which is just another good example of app marketing services. Just the way audio-visual advertisement took marketing to a whole new level back in the 19th century, for which brands like Heineken benefited immensely, a promotional video for the app is quick becoming a haven for app creators. The concept of a promo video for the app is simple. It is a short video clip that is done to promote an app and its features. What you would usually read about an app in a review is concisely incorporated into an audio-visual short app promo video. This is basically what promo videos for apps are and when properly done, they can propel any app’s chances in the ever-crowding app market space.

Interesting Facts about Promotional Video for App

A lot of people can easily get bored when too many numbers start getting thrown around. But statistics helps us in so many ways. You can easily measure the import of a thing by taking a look at what the statistics suggest. You can take yourself for example, and see how much of social media videos you view in a day. This is cutting across all your social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat to Twitter or Instagram. Whether it is a comic video or a political one, short videos are quickly becoming a way to pass a message across to an audience.

This is not a new development. Audio-visual has always been a thing right from the days of television, but with mobile devices now capable of a whole lot of mind boggling things, one can appreciate why mobile videos are quickly becoming the next frontier for advertising in general. Also, when you consider the estimation that says two-thirds of the global traffic by 2018 is going to be driven by videos, then it is a safe assumption that most of this traffic would be as a result of the power of mobile videos. A survey carried out among 18 – 34-year-olds who watch videos showed that 98% of them watch videos on their smartphones as opposed to the 81% who watched through a television set.

app promo video tips

When you see this, the renowned phrase that ‘numbers don’t tell lies’ comes back to mind.

So How Does This Translate to App Promo Video

Well, the concept is simple, if videos, especially mobile videos are becoming a more efficient way to reach out to any audience. It means that a properly done promotional video for an app would do more in marketing the app than a well-written review would. A recent survey carried out by AdColony showed that a whopping 98% of respondents prefer video advertising ahead of TV, print, display and even Facebook ads. This is not all. It also found that about 50% of respondents said that video advertising was more interesting. This puts for some heart-warming statistics for anyone planning to make a video app; as it implies that videos ads are 23 times more popular than conventional display ads and 2.3 times more popular than social media ads. This goes to show why many app developers are shifting towards app promotional videos. A properly done app promo video would no doubt help you to improve your app store optimization by increasing your traffic and thus driving more downloads. This would in turn cause an increase in your traffic and then it is almost like a chain reaction from there.

promo video facts

So what are the types of app demo video or app promo video that are effective? Well, it really depends on what you want, the kind of app it is, and the preferences of your potential users. But basically, you do not want an overly lengthy and overly stuffed video. You want a video that is concise, highlighting only the important features and brief. Here are some more stats from Wista Video Analytics about the importance of a video length.

According to VINDICO, a good percentage (80%) of online video ads is abandoned once they are viewed halfway. Also, viewer engagement research shows that you lose 33% of viewers after 30 seconds, 45% after 1 minute and 60% after 2 minutes. This means that close to 60% of viewers would completely see a 90 seconds clip.

So at every point, the goal should be to get the best about your app out there in the shortest possible time. Again, this may also depend on the type of app promo video you want. Here are some of the app demo video options you can consider.

  1. PackShot: This involves a user’s hand operating the app on a mobile device. You can incorporate both text and voice-overs to this to make it more interactive. It is more like a demo video. A nice catchy call to action is always a good way to end this video clip.
  2. Live Acton: This is shooting your app promo video at a live location. This has a more promotional appeal in that it provides you with freedom to do anything. You have space, and if you are creative you can easily captivate your viewers with a good story that typifies the role or function of the app. It is however not too budgeting friendly.
  3. App Preview Video: This is very good because it is almost like downloading the app itself and this is good for app creators. It is an Apple (iOS) initiative and so you would be faced with their usual terms and conditions. For example, your creativity must be as simple as a 30-second screencast of the notable interactions of your app. While this is a good deal, the restrictions may be a let done for some. Whichever the case you should look at the app preview video guidelines before you decide to use it.
  4. Animated Videos: Animation still has a great appeal in our world today among children and adults alike. It has funny twists to it and can easily get your app lit up especially if it is a game app or app for kids.

These are some of the app demo video types that you may want to consider using to promote your app. It really doesn’t matter which you choose, just keep the goal to get the best of your app within the shortest possible time. This way you would get the best out of your promotional video for the app. It is also important to note that the app ad type has a relationship with the app being downloaded. Commonly, most individuals who want to download an app would do a simple app search. However, a study done showed that most app ads that come up in search engine have a higher download rate with 50%. In this study, video ads lead to app downloads 43% of the time as depicted in the image below.

tips to make a video app

Creating a Promotional Video for App

From what has been said so far, there is no disputing the immense benefit of using app marketing services like a promo video for the app. This is because if you make a video app, it will help improve the chances that your app would get downloaded, especially when it is properly done. We have already stated some of the features that make a video app appealing in terms of its creativity and length. Here, we would now look at the best app video creators that you can use to create app promo video.

Top Ways to Create the Best App Video

It is important to first of all state that the video creator you use would depend on the type of platform you are going to be using it in. In order words, it would depend on if your app is for Apple (iOS) or Google (android). Google, for example, would let you link your video straight from YouTube but this is not possible if you are using the app preview video of Apple. iOS also has other restrictions like the video length which is placed at 30 seconds. All these factors must be considered before you select the app video creator of your choice. It is true that a good percentage of people who are involved in this are either new at it or are novices altogether. Below are some of the top ways that you can go about creating your app demo video easily from where you can perfect the act.

  • The DIY platforms. The platform offers you promotional video templates and it is easy to use especially for a newbie. It also has templates that have already been made according to iOS guidelines which is good if your app is made for Apple. There are different apps builder on this platform, like PlaceIt, MakeWebVideo, and Wideo. They offer different features based on price, how customizable they are, their benefits and templates. You can go through their features and you would easily find one that suits well into what you are looking for.
  • Let the pros do it. If you have the money and it won’t shake your budget, you can save yourself the stress by letting the professionals handle it for you. In order words, just outsource the creation. This would save you time, it would ensure you get quality and the final work would have the touch of experience to it. It may not, however, save you money. Companies like, Appdemovideo, Video4Apps, Apptamin and Veed offer professional service to make a video app.
  • Use of Hybrid tools. Hybrid tools is another great way to make a good promotional video for the app. These tools can be used either online or offline depending on what is convenient for you. They also provide a step by step guide to help you to create your own video and once you get a hang of it, it usually is left to your creativity from there. You can then make suitable changes based on what you feel represents your app or what you believe would be more appealing to your potential users. The offline feature is an aspect of hybrid tools that makes it a great use for most newbies. This is because unlike what you would find in the DIY platform, you can save your video on your computer. Then from your computer, you can make full edits like imputing sounds, animations, and your own logo. Videohive, is one good place to get this promotional video template.
  • Video creator tools. You can also use video creator tools and they are plenty of them online. Some of them are free while others are paid. Some of them are specifically designed for android and some are designed for iOS. So it basically depends on what you want. Either way, you are sure to find one that suits you. Some of the top rated ones are: Shakr, viddyad and SnapStudioPlus.

These are some of the great ways to make a promo video for app and examples of the top tools have also been given. So all you need to do is to give it a try.

Reasons to Create Promo Video for an App

  • Engage your potential users: The beauty of a video is that when it is properly done it can be very engaging. It can also be interactive, unlike a written review. It can give the potential users a foretaste or feel, which is one of the ultimate app marketing services.
  • Easy to share: Whether it is online on your website or through social media, videos are easy to share and can easily go viral which is good for business.
  • Dual function: Videos serve a dual function of increasing traffic and promoting downloads.
  • Consumers love for videos: Like some of the statistics discussed above suggest, a lot of users love video content. So an app promo video would be bringing your app to into the haven of potential users.
  • Call to action: It is an easier and more efficient way to include a call to action. Most viewers tend to take some action after watching a video and this is confirmed statistically.
  • Two video functions in one: One video can serve as both an elevator pitch and a quick demo.
  • It reflects your creativity: The creativity of the video is itself a reflection on your app and your brand or company as well. So it is a good way to turn potential users to potential customers.

Sample Promo Videos Overview

Carousel by Dropbox

This promo video has a lot of plus to it and that is why it is no surprise that it has about 145k views already. The budget was well planned, the shooting was top notch and it is quite captivating and interesting as well. There are however two areas where this app promo video may not have excelled. The first is its video length. It is a bit long and when it comes to promotional app for video this is not usually a very good thing. Then it is also light on detail. While it is true that a video that is too detailed may come across as boring, it is also true that when it is too light in detail, the purpose is altogether defeated. In all, however, you can say the video was neatly done and that still remains a plus.


There are 3 areas of this app promo video that needs to be looked at. The first is the icon. You would observe that the app icon was showed in both the beginning and the end. Now, in the example presented by Apple, the logo or icon shows either in the beginning or at the end. So putting it in both may not be all too helpful especially when you consider that the viewer has already seen the logo when he clicked on it in the App store. Then there is the issue of the voice over. The voice over even though it makes it interactive, also makes it sound more like an advertisement. The texts, however are clearly demarcated from the app and this should always be the case whenever texts are to be incorporated.

Day One Journal

With about 50k views, you can say this app promo video is not doing badly. There is, however, a slight catch, in that it doesn’t showcase the app very well. It is true that the video is engaging and funny and altogether the production and shooting quality is top notch. This can’t be disputed. However, in trying to shoot the perfect video in the appealing and captivating sense, you must keep in mind that it is also a promotional app video, so the app and its details should not be crowded out by creativity.

What Facts Prove

Story after story abound of how app promo video has helped increase the amount of sales and downloads of an app, this is irrespective of the type of app it is. The facts and statistics that were discussed above also agree with this. But for the avoidance of doubt, let us examine the popular case of the Double Fine Adventure game whose promotional video was able to raise over $3.3 million. What makes this awesome is that the game was still in the works when the video came out. But the video went on to raise money for the game. This just goes on to buttress the point that when a promo video for the app is properly done, there is no limit to where the video can help the app in terms of traffic, downloads or sales.

In conclusion, from the infographics above to the reviews, you can see both the importance and the ‘how to’, of maximizing your apps potential when you make a promo video for the app. So don’t hesitate, act now.

If you need help with your app promo video at any point of the process, we’re ready to step in. Let’s create something incredible together!

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