7 Things You Should Include into Your Mobile App Demo

By on August 23, 2016

Things to Include In Your Mobile App Demo Video

There are many things that go into making a good app demonstration video. Don’t expect to be able to just grab a camera and shoot a great video right away. You will need to put some time and effort into planning your video if you want it to be effective and achieve the results you desire.

Essential Elements in App Demo Video Production

There are some elements that are critical in demo video production if you want effective results. Here are 7 critical elements you need to consider when creating your video:

mobile app demoHave an idea: You can’t just start videotaping without some sort of concrete idea of what you are doing. There must be some concept or idea that you can work with. You can brainstorm for ideas along with your team. Look at successful app demo videos for inspiration but don’t outright copy what somebody else has done.

mobile app demoHave focus: To make your own promotional video you need focus. You must determine what the exact purpose of your video is and what message that you want to send. Who is your audience going to be and what tone do you want to convey? To send a clear message about your app to your audience focus is essential.

mobile app demoKnow the platform: Before you undertake production of a promo video determine where it is going to be uploaded. Apple and Google Play are the two big app stores and they have different rules and criteria for videos. What about other platforms you might want to use? You need to know which platforms you intend to use as they will determine elements such as length and other aspects of the video.

app demo video productionWrite a Script: A well written script is essential for a great video so put the time and effort into getting it right. You need to catch the viewers’ attention, explain your app and keep people engaged and that won’t happen without a good script. The script is basically everything you will be saying in the video. A typical and simple format used that is effective presents a problem then provides a solution.

app demo video productionStory board: A storyboard is basically an outline for the visuals you will use that follows the script that you can’t overlook or ignore if you want your video to attract customers. Once you have written your script you have to determine what kind of visuals will be best used for conveying the message in the script to the customers.

app demo video productionCall to Action: The whole point of the promo video is to get people to download your app so you need to end with a CTA. However a hard sell approach is generally a turn off. Use a more subtle approach that encourages them to try your app without pushing. This might be showing them where they can go to find more information or how they can get a free trial etc.

app demonstration videoEditing: One thing you can be sure of is that the initial taping of your video won’t be perfect. You will need to do some editing to get it just right. What sounded good when writing the script or what you thought would be the best approach visually may not be quite how you originally pictured it. Be prepared to make some changes during the editing process to fine tune your video and get it just how you want.

A good video demo will greatly enhance your marketing efforts, but it requires a certain amount of expertise to get it right. Your best option for creating an effective mobile app demo video is to use a professional service with experience and a track record of success.

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