7 Great Landing Page Explainer Videos

By on January 26, 2015

There was an eye-catching article published earlier this year which claimed that our average attention span online is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

Internet consumers have an attention span ofless than 9 seconds

That’s pretty scary news for businesses that are looking to improve and consolidate their conversion rate. You’re basically up against consumers who are gonna take one quick look at your page, and if they don’t like what they immediately see, they’re gonna swiftly move on.

What do they want to see? A play button. Why? Because Internet people love videos. It’s the new thing. Businesses that are looking to get ahead are creating landing page explainer videos that help to keep consumers on their page.

This means your business needs a landing page explainer video. In other words, a business explainer video.

What Is a Business Explainer Video?

I knew you were going to ask that question. A business explainer video, to put it briefly, is a short video that conveys in simple and understandable language – voiceover, dialogue or completely visual – exactly what your business provides for the consumer. It cuts to the chase, and sums up in less than 2 minutes how you’re going to solve a consumer’s problems. The concept is similar to a television commercial but a business explainer video is often made for less money.

Without further ado, we’re now going to take a look at the 7 Great Landing Page Explainer Videos this side of Mars to a) give you a clearer understanding of what a landing page explainer video is, and b) help to inspire you when it comes to making your own.


Some startups worry over the problem of driving traffic to their sites during those early days. For CashComplete, driving traffic to their site was not a problem, for they were witnessing Internet people in their droves (thousands) flocking to their site each month. And these were unique hits.

The problem CashComplete had – and it’s a problem many of us have – was with converting customers.

How do you make a landing page stick? That’s the big question. Creating an explainer video is one way of doing it, and that’s just what CashComplete did, thereby increasing their conversion rate by 23% in the process.

Of course, creating a product explainer video to experiment with conversion rates is one thing, but you’ve gotta create a good explainer video. CashComplete hit on the idea that firstly your landing page has to be simple. It’s all about that play button. No clutter surrounding it. Just get folks to focus on that play button.

Then, you need to immediately draw people in during those first one or two seconds after they hit play. You need a hook that identifies with your consumer. No fluff is necessary. Get straight to the point. Reel them in from the first second.

Which is exactly what CashComplete did.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg are a business that deals in heat mapping software. You might be asking me what a heat map is but guess what? I’m not here to explain that to you. That’s the job of the business explainer video.

The funny thing is, the guys at Crazy Egg were probably a little bit tongue-tied when it came to explaining their business in a simply, understandable and engaging manner. So much so that they hired Demo Duck to create their landing page explainer video.

Demo Duck also knew that words just don’t cut it when it comes to explaining what Crazy Egg sell. So they created a strong visual video that clearly communicates a message that their target audience will understand.

And if you’re one for figures, Crazy Egg’s product explainer video is helping the company generate over $20k extra a month.

Giving Stage

Want me to explain what Giving Stage is all about?

Giving Stage is ah, a startup based in San Francisco (or ‘Frisco as the locals term it, ha!), that is looking to change the world via means of live music. They hope to get everyone together in ah, a gig venue place, and raise lots of money for charities around the world. So you get to see live music whilst saving lives and having lots of fun and doing cool things.

See how rubbish that all sounds? You’re not exactly sold, are you?

Giving Stage’s premise can be a little awkward to explain in words, which is why a product explainer video is a fantastic platform for them to translate their message into something visual that is hugely compelling and impacting.

Because their brief is to ‘change the world’, their landing page explainer video has oodles of human interest and really strikes a chord with viewers who love music, and who have a very charitable nature. Lovely stuff. Nice music too.

Panorama9 – Ergo, IT Man

There’s just something to cherish about nerd humor at the moment. The Big Bang Theory is one of America’s most successful modern day television shows, and for anyone who is even mildly amused by the idea of a retro 8-bit video game inspiring the animation for Panorama9’s business explainer video, you’ll probably already be in agreement that this one’s a winner.

What we love about this landing page explainer video is that it identifies with its target audience. Panorama9 is basically an IT monitoring system, and maybe other companies might have come up with something pretty boring that targets folks who are interested in IT monitoring system.

The beauty here is that Panorama9 recognize that, just because someone works in IT it doesn’t mean they are boring.

Rule number one: Know your target audience.

For this reason, Panorama9 hit on the idea of tapping into nerd humour and our love for all things retro. They thought outside the box. And they conquered.


Rypple’s business explainer video is a stop-motion animation that has a strong human interest angle. The animation is endearing and eye-catching which, coupled with a sympathetic female voiceover, strongly identifies with their audience – busy professionals who have little time for managing their social performance.

People love animated product explainer videos. People love animation in general. Done like it is here, inked sketchily, and the feeling is one of warmth and engagement.

We’re drawn to animations because of how harmless they are. The great thing about Rypple’s is that it actually makes you feel relaxed and ad though you could trust these guys with your life.

And if not your life, then at least your social performance management. It’s a business explainer video that neatly shows us the problem that Rypple will solve.

Dollar Shave Club

Conversion power is awesome. Anyone who has high conversion rates will probably feel invincible. For us guys, it’s kinda like ruling a kingdom.

Okay, maybe not, but you get the picture. Power is power, right?

Dollar Shave Club created a landing page explainer video that improved conversion rates in more ways than one.

It went viral.

How? By being imaginative. These guys spent little money on their product explainer video. Instead, they came up with a great script and used their heads. They got creative. They thought outside the box. No frills, just a strong message, confidence, and awesome dialogue that engaged their audience.


Mint’s business explainer video is actually so successful that it’s often used as an example at conferences and talks.

They’re a company that recognise the paramount importance of videos. Not too long ago, they created a video which explained sharply exactly what America’s debt is all about. It propelled the company into the public consciousness.

Because they commission regular videos, they’re refined the formula. Starting with a question, the video is comprised of sophisticated animation, a strong script, and the right amount of information and explanation.

In short, it’s impeccable.

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