5 Steps in Creating a Video for Website

By on August 23, 2014

Making Video for Website Content Is a Popular Event Now

Videos for websites are used for all sorts of things. Some people make them to instruct while others want to be the next viral video sensation. Regardless of what someone wants to make, there are a number of tips that will help anyone. This kind of advice generally works both for people who want to make live action and animated videos or even video animation for business.

Some Steps for Advice

Those who are making video for websites should consider the following:

  1. There are many types of video for website, so the first step is really to decide which type of video will be created. Obviously something funny or entertaining is going to be different from something that’s instructional.
  2. Develop the idea. Even though videos for websites aren’t a huge Broadway production number, scripting it and doing a little practice can work wonders when it comes time to actually perform things. While it might sound goofy, it really does help to practice a little bit. The old adage about that still rings true today.
  3. If the video is just supposed to be an individual talking, don’t neglect the built-in web cams that so many computers have above the screen. This can give it a homegrown kind of feel. Simple doodle animations created with relatively simple software can also have this same feel.
  4. Edit the video. Those who are going for a homegrown approach might want to try the pieces of software that were packed with their default operating system installation. These are great for those who are drawing doodles or who are manipulating individual images frame by frame. It’s possible to draw simple bitmaps and actually animate them by placing them on a filmstrip.
  5. Compile the video. There’s always an option for doing so with even a regular file save command or something similar. This should produce a file, which can then be uploaded fairly easily.

Doing the Upload

Those who want to video for websites or make animation for business might want to upload them to a number of different sites. Those who do might want to pay close attention to what’s going on with them, because different sites use different formats. Some video upload sites might prefer something a little different than the average one, though it should be noted that FLV flash content is generally universal.

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