5 Great Samples of Animated Doodle Videos

By on September 6, 2014

Sample Animated Doodle Images

Those who want to go into doodle animation video should take a moment to check out some sample work first. It can really help them to make a decision. While this particular style might not be the best for everyone, it can certainly help those who need to promote a specific product or service in a certain way.

Animation Samples from Youtube

The interactive doodle animation video is probably one of the best examples because it uses both a hand image and computer drawn flash graphics to illustrate a black and white doodle. It also clearly promotes a business service, which helps people to imagine their own products promoted the same way.

United States Swim Academy logo is an interesting video that illustrates not only the speed draw of a logo via a hand but ultimately the same logo dissolving into a more computer generated image of itself.

Google actually made an animated doodle to celebrate an art contest that they were having. It makes use of full color, which is somewhat rare in the world of doodle animation. Many people like to match music to the animation series, and they did a great job with what sounds like a mandolin group.

Doodle animated video sample is an interesting video because it was used initially to illustrate how influential this style of animation was. It suggests, actually, that no one can stop watching it, and that turns out to be quite true.

Kore wa Zombie is unlike the other videos on this list, in part because it was made as an art project. The artist took the time to actually illustrate the ending theme to a television show with characters that she had drawn herself.

Getting a Video

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