3 Creative Ideas for Video Animation for Business

By on August 16, 2014

The Field of Video Animation for Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Animation videos for business can actually be quite entertaining, but one of the biggest benefits is cost. Animating a complex sequence is often not much more expensive than animating a fairly simplistic one. As a result, these sorts of things can be achieved in a manner that live action video might have made unrealistically expensive. This is but one reason it’s becoming more popular.

Looking at Examples

Those who want to try animation for business might want to consider a college project like Gumbasia. Back in 1953, the famous director Art Clokey produced a film that utilized clay stop-motion editing to produce a series of doodles that interpreted a piece of music. While the slightly over 3-minute effort is made in a style that would defy those who want to make video animation for business, its still a good example because of how it interprets the jazz music.

By utilizing moving abstract doodles, the director was able to do things that simply aren’t possible with any other style. This could easily translate to the world of animation videos for business. Doodles are fairly easy to create with modern computer editing software, and a number of abstract ones could be used to illustrate a concept. With some creative editing they can even be used to market a particular product, and this might help to make a compelling ad. Teaching concepts could be achieved too. For instance, a doodle might be moving along and quickly transform into a variety of different shapes to emphasize important ideas that the animator is attempting to show to the viewer.

To narrow Clokey’s concepts down to three basic concepts:

  1. Use simple geometric shapes to make videos. Nothing has to be too complex, especially when working with doodles.
  2. Match the sound and possibly music to the animation. Abstract images are great, and can illustrate many business concepts.
  3. Don’t feel confined to any single idea. Modern corporate thought is changing, and videos need to be eye-catching instead of dull.

Working on Business Animation

Animation for business shouldn’t have to be confined to a single idea, and we have professional authorities that have studied these techniques and are therefore always able to come up with a nice original concept. Those who might be struggling can always ask for some help. It’s important to think with a good deal of creativity. Just because something is going to be present in a corporate environment doesn’t mean that it has to reflect the tone of said environs.

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