12 Cool Websites for Professional App Screenshots

By on September 6, 2016

Why App Screenshots Are Important

With the number of applications now available, ASO (App Store Optimization) is important if you want your app promo video to be seen. App store screenshots are part of on page AOS that enhance the chances of your application of getting viewed. Good screenshots will show what your app does, some of its most important features and how to use your app. When it comes to marketing your app you want to ensure you take advantage of screenshots and make them the best they can be.

Websites Providing Good Mobile App Screenshots Tools

There are millions of mobile applications currently available and most likely hundreds in your specific niche if not more. Many of these apps may not work very well, and others are poorly promoted. That still probably leaves hundreds of thousands of apps for you to compete with for user attention. Here are 12 tools for producing great mobile app screenshots and links to their websites:

mobile app screenshotsApp Screenshot Generator: App Screenshot Me is a website that allows app developers, product managers and designers to generate beautiful screenshots for their store page. It provides step by step instructions for creating both iOS and Android application screenshots

DaVinci AppsDaVinci Apps: This site provides a wide array of distinct templates for you to choose from. Just pick one and create your own stylish screenshot. You can add text to engage your customers and then export to the App Store and Google Play

Device Art GeneratorDevice Art Generator: As the name implies this tool enables you to quickly wrap app promo screenshots in device artwork. This provides better visual context for your screenshots on your website or in other promotional materials. The site does state that the graphics you create on the site shouldn’t be used for your Google Play app listing

app store screenshotsMagicMockups: This tool is a free mockup generator that instantly places your screenshots into realistic environments and makes them more interesting and attractive. Choose an environment, upload your screen shot and preview the results before downloading in the size you select.

MockUPhoneMockUPhone: MockUPhone frames your screenshots in real device arts to provide better visual context for your apps on your website or in other promotional materials.


app store screenshots onlinePlaceit: Placeit is useful if you are want to use screenshots that represent real-life use. It provides a catalog of situational scenarios you can choose from to represent your app’s use. You can download low-res images free. Place also offers subscription packages and one-time downloads for as little as $8

Screenshot AppScreenshot App: This tool provides one of the fastest options to create good looking screenshots. Just pick your format, add the screenshot and put any extra text in it and you are finished. Screenshot App is free to use.

mobile app screenshotsScreenshot Builder: Launchkit’s Screenshot builder enables you to easily create custom images for your app store page and export them in the resolutions Apple and Google require. You may choose between different potential layouts and add text above or below your screenshot to help tell its story.

Screenshot Maker ProScreenshot Maker Pro: Screenshot Maker Pro is a free iOS app that lets you place screenshots into pictures of iOS devices. The free version allows you to save up to two screenshots per day, or you can purchase the unlimited saving option for $2.99. Options to choose from are iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Mac OSX devices.

SnapshotSnapshot: Snapshot generates localized iOS screenshots for different device types and languages for the App Store automatically. It will create hundreds of screenshots in multiple languages on all simulators and then generate a web page showing all screenshots on all devices.

StoreShotsStoreShots: Another tool that lets you present your app in a realistic setting. It allows you to set custom background gradients, upload your own background image, select different font styles and position the device to fit your app. You can even localize your description to other languages

app screenshotsVisme: This tool is a good option for those with limited software skills. It allows you to jump right in and create screenshots with all the additions and details you desire. Visme is free for up to three projects, then plans start at $6 a month.


Screenshots can be important to your marketing strategy. If you want to be competitive with other applications you should consider using a professional service for app screenshots to give you an added edge in promoting your product and its web app demo video.

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