10 Worst App Promotion Video Mistakes

By on August 9, 2016

App Promotion Video

Good promo videos for apps for your app can contribute a lot to your marketing efforts. App video promotion when done correctly generates interest and spreads the word about your new application and the benefits it will provide. When not done correctly it provides little or no benefit and may even hurt your promotion efforts.

Avoiding Mistakes When You Create App Demo Video

There are many mistakes that may befall you when you set out to incorporate an app promo video into your marketing strategy. Here are 10 of the worst mistakes you need to be aware so you don’t fall victim to one:

app promotion videoVideo is too promotional: You need to promote your app but nobody likes the hard sell approach. There are plenty of options out there and if you push too hard there is a good chance the viewer will just leave. Educate viewers on how your app can benefit them but don’t be too pushy. It puts people off and you don’t want that.

“51.9 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.” (Digital Marketing Blog)

app promotion videoVideo is too long: There is a good chance that the majority of viewers won’t be watching your promo video for its entertainment value. They will spend a minute or two tops to learn about your app. If you don’t get your message across quickly the viewer will likely move on to something else more entertaining. Limit your video to two minutes at the most. Thirty seconds is acceptable if you can get you message across that quickly.

app promotion videoPoor Placement of Video: No matter how good your video is if it is in a location where it won’t be seen it does very little good. If you place it on your own website use analytics data to see your most visited pages. Video placement involves more than just traffic of course. It has to be seen by the right audience.

“Shoppers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers.”(Digital Marketing Blog)

create app demo videoNo Clear Audience: You should be marketing your app to a specific audience. A video that tries to appeal to everybody will usually end up appealing to nobody. Research your target audience and determine the best way to appeal to them specifically. Stay focused on who your intended audience is and don’t get sidetracked.

“More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.”

create app demo videoBoring: A video that bores your audience will also lose them immediately. You only have a small window of opportunity to catch their interest and deliver your catchy message quickly. You need to determine how to keep them from clicking away before you convey the information you want them to know.

create app demo videoToo much information: Bombarding your audience with facts and figures in an effort to deliver all the information about your app will usually drive them away. It isn’t necessary to provide every last scrap of information about your app. Focus on only the most important information and make sure you communicate that information clearly.

create app demo videoGo Viral or Bust: Too many people creating marketing videos lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish. Your video is intended to help market your video. Success isn’t measured by the number of views your video gets. Getting a million views but only a dozen downloads means the video didn’t do its job. Forget about making a video that will go viral. Focus on making one that creates a demand for your app.

app video promotionOnly Showing Your Video on YouTube: It is the biggest and most popular video sharing site, but YouTube is not the only one. Upload your video to other video sharing sites and expand the reach of your video. Both Vimeo and DailyMotion have large audiences that make using them worth the few minutes it’s likely to take.

“Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video”

app video promotionConfusing Videos: Anybody watching your video should have a pretty good idea what your app is all about. It isn’t necessary to provide a long description of what your app does and how to use it. However you have to give the audience some idea of what the app does and how they will benefit. Nobody will buy it if they don’t know what it does

app video promotionPoor Quality Video: A poor quality video won’t help your marketing efforts and may even hurt them. Anybody viewing a low quality video of your app is going to associate its quality with the worth of your product. Good content and good production values are important when creating your promo video.

Unless you have some previous experience you will be much better off using a professional service to create your app promotion video or app localization and benefit from their experience.

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