10 Lessons You Should Learn Watching These 10 Successful App Demo Videos

By on August 16, 2016

Lessons You Can Learn From App Demo Videos

App promo videos can add a lot to your marketing efforts. They help generate interest and excitement in your app and give people something to talk about. However not every video is successful in promoting the app they are meant to. There are some things to be learned from watching those promo videos that do work so you can apply them to your own.

Ten of the Best App Promo Videos

Here is a list of some of the best app promo videos out there that have something to teach you:

  • Paper By Fifty Three:

This app promo video is shot from the prospective of the user. It shows the app being used to create drawings and sharing their creations on social networks. The video places an emphasis on the ease with which beautiful digital images can be created using the app. It does this without the use of any narration or voice over, using only visuals to convey the message. For an app like this visuals of the app in action speak louder than any words could.

  • Day One Journal:

This is a well-produced mobile app promo video that is effective despite not fully explaining the app. Rather it is funny and provides a feeling of warmth that appeal to viewers emotions. Tapping into the audiences emotions is an effective marketing technique that this video uses well.

  • Clear:

This video is an example of a common promo format that continues to be effective. The job of the promo video is to introduce the app to the viewers and familiarize them with its function while showing how it can add value to their daily lives. This video does that very well. It has a nice setting and uses a happy background score. It also makes use of plenty of app close-ups which allow viewers to see exactly how the app works. This type of promo vide can be well done with a limited budget and in a short time. .

  • Everything Butt Art:

This promo video focuses on the user as opposed to the app itself. Rather than only targeting the actual user it is also aimed at their parents. Showing how much fun children are having using the app is one way to convince parents to buy it for them, and children seeing how much enjoyment the kids in the video are getting out of the app will be induced to ask their parents for it. This is a good marketing strategy for apps designed for younger children who may have to get permission from parents to download the app.

  • ResQ Rangers:

This mobile app promo video presents a problem using interactive and colorful graphics and follows up that up by presenting the solution to that problem by placing the app. It provides a good explanation of how the app helps users resolve a situation that is easy for the viewer to relate to and that they can identify with. This is the classic type of promo video for mobile apps employing the problem solution formula using simple animation.

  • Gone Wishing:

This app promo video provides viewers with a brief look of how things might unfold during game play if they use the app. This is a good strategy for generating interest in viewers with an element of intrigue. It is produced along the same lines as a movie trailer and incorporates sound effects and action to pull the viewer into the gaming experience.

  • Limbo:

This promo video basically shows a compilation of scenes taken from actual game play as opposed to providing any explanation about the app. This is a good approach if you feel like seeing your app in action is the best way to get the audience interested. Many app developers don’t have big budgets and an appealing aspect of using this approach is that there is very little cost involved.

  • Cloo:

This app promo video does an excellent job of identifying a common problem that many people have been faced with at one time or another, finding a bathroom in cities, and providing a solution. It shows the app in action from beginning to end combining humor and practicality.

  • Jelly:

A documentary style app promo video is usually not recommended but sometimes it works as it does for Jelly. One of the strengths of the format is its simplicity. The video illustrates how the app works and relates the story behind the origin of the idea of such an app itself. If you have a good story this can help to attract users to the app.

  • Jotly:

This is a funny video that was originally created as a spoof that poked fun at all of the apps encouraging the over-sharing of everything with everyone. At the time the video was made there was no Jotly app. However, the video received so many hits and such demand that the makers of the video decided to make it into an actual app. It just goes to show that sometimes out of the ordinary videos can grab more attention than those who that follow the rules.

Good app promotion video doesn’t generally happen by accident. There is plenty of time and effort that goes in to creating one that works. Unless you have experience, your best option is to hire a professional to create app demo videos if you want to get the best results.

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